Getting a piano in your house can be really exciting! It’s no secret that pianos aren’t necessarily the smallest of instruments so it can be a huge change in the layout of your house.

Besides finding room in your house to put the piano, there are some stipulations that you should consider in the surroundings of the piano.

If you have more flexibility on where to store the piano, they shouldn’t be a problem for you. But if you have one specific spot planned, there are things that you should keep in mind when placing a piano in your home.

Avoid Windows

First and foremost, it is important to keep your piano away from any windows. If the blinds are not drawn 24/7, the sunlight can cause damage to the exterior and finishing of your instrument. Pianos are made of wood, and if you take a look at any wood furniture that has been exposed to sunlight, you will see the damaging effects it can have on the furniture.

The climate can be different the closer you get to a window. If it is freezing outside, typically it is always colder near the window and same if it is overly hot outside you can feel the heat coming through. Although the effects may be minor, over time it can definitely warp the exterior of your instrument.

Keep the Room Temperature Even

Most likely your house will be climate controlled which is really important to have a piano placed in a room with temperature control.

Any drastic fluctuations of temperature either going from extremely hot to freezing cold can damage the interior workings of the piano. For an instrument as big as it is, pianos are very delicate and can easily be damaged based on how they are cared for and where they are stored.

Basements can usually be the culprit of being too cold while the upper floors are usually too warm! Try to avoid any air vents, heating or cooling units, and like we said earlier windows.

Pianos Are Not Shelves

Last but not least, it is important what you store your piano around, and how the room is utilized that it resides in. If it is a common living space that has a lot of people in it all the time, this might not be the best room to keep it. You don’t want people bumping into it and either scratching or compromising the condition of a piano.

You also do not want to use your piano as a storage unit. They are not meant to have picture frames, to display trophies, or whatever else people place on them. It is important to keep the piano in its original condition!

Black Grand Piano Settled Next to Window

Our Recommendations

Our best advice is for you to keep your piano either in a closed off room or a formal living room.

Minimize its exposure to windows and air vents to keep any outside forces from damaging the exterior of the piano.

Try to keep it out of a high-traffic area in your home. You don’t want any scratches, spills, or accidents that could have been avoided if the piano was in a different location.

Pianos are very delicate and expensive instruments and it is crucial that you take the time and effort in making sure you take care of them to keep their value and allow you to reap the benefits of having a beautiful, well-working piano for years to come!

If you’d like professional help moving your piano to the perfect place in your home, contact our piano movers!