Are you looking for a storage facility to store your piano in?

Whether it be long term or short term, there are multiple things to consider when you are looking for piano storage. Not just any place should be used as a means in order to store something so delicate as a piano (or any musical instrument for that matter).

Storing your piano in a hot room with low security can definitely put your instrument at risk from damage and theft. Here are 3 reasons of why you might want to consider a climate controlled storage unit for your piano:

Temperature Fluctuations

Pianos are very finicky and need to be stored and kept in a climate controlled environment or else their condition may be worsened.

When room temperature drastically changes, the wood on your piano can split, crack, and cause permanent damage. This is most common when your piano is exposed to freezing temperatures and then thaws back out as it expands back to its original size.

As a rule of thumb, keep your piano stored in a space separate from your documents, personal documents, and other stored valuables. An ideal temperature range for piano storage is between 55°F and 85°F.

Security Lock on Climate Controlled Piano Storage

Cost-Effective for the Long-Run

Paying for a climate controlled storage for your piano may seem like a premium, but it is cost-effective if you plan to use and maintain your piano in a high-quality condition for years to come.

If your piano does suffer from any damage, the cost to repair or rebuild your piano can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

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Added Security

When you do decide to store your piano in a climate controlled storage unit, you will have heightened security in the building for an extra sense of comfort and peace of mind.

Security may include guards and video cameras. Instead of looking over varied household belongings, consult a business that is dedicated to only storing and maintaining pianos.

Find Climate Controlled Storage in Your Area

From our staff at West Coast Piano Moving & Storage, our best advice would be to always keep your piano in a climate controlled facility. Pianos require extra care and maintenance in order to preserve their condition for future use.

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