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Furniture Moving

When it comes to moving furniture, we offer a variety of services and a lot of experience.

West Coast Moving handles piano moves, household moves and did you know that we even can do simple furniture moves for you too? We understand that everybody has a different situation that they might need help with and we can tailor our services to fit your needs. Need your house re-arranged but can’t maneuver or lift the furniture on your own? What about moving from your apartment to another one in your complex? There are so many different scenarios that you might be in and we want to help. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is thinking they can handle the move on their own. This is how accidents and injuries occur.

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We can come to your house beforehand to evaluate the type of equipment and number of workers needed. Our movers have experience within all aspects of a moving company, from moving pianos and couches to bathtubs and heirlooms.

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Why Hire Professional Furniture Movers

There are multiple reasons like safety, preventing damage, and having it done correctly and efficiently to name a few. We understand that there are so many different reasons of why you might need help with a furniture move like household renovations, de-cluttering, and moving items into temporary storage systems. These are just a few reasons of why you might be in the predicament that you are in. Order a new couch and had the delivery guy drop it off in your driveway? Thought you wanted your entertainment center facing the windows but now you want it on the opposite wall?

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There are countless reasons of why using experienced movers is the right option for you.

Whether you just need help moving in your new furniture or if you want the old furniture removed, our movers can help. It’s also not uncommon for our movers to rearrange your older furniture in different rooms or move the items to your curb or dumpster for donation or disposal. We can handle any situation and we are glad to talk you through the different services we offer! Have questions or feel like you might need help with something unusual?

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