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Moving probably isn’t your idea of fun times. This is even more true when you start thinking about the hassle and body aches that are part and parcel with moving furniture.

There are so many reasons why furniture relocation can be so difficult:

  • Furniture is often oversized, irregularly-shaped, heavy or delicate.
  • You live in a multi-story home or on a higher floor of a walk-up apartment building. (That’s a lot of steps to negotiate with a mattress hoisted overhead.)
  • It’s a challenge to round up enough friends and family to help.
  • You can’t get (or drive) a vehicle large enough to fit all your furniture.
  • You don’t have the right supplies or equipment.
  • Furniture moving is very physically demanding.
  • You’re moving far away.

With the help of West Coast Furniture Movers in Portland these factors can be non-issues for you. There’s no need to DIY moving your furniture.

Our professional furniture movers have the brawn and expertise to skillfully move everything from your comfy couch to your dinette set. In addition to simple furniture, we can also handle your piano, antiques, appliances, and more. Plus, we’re equipped and ready to take on your office move.

With countless successful moves completed, we can assure you that your possessions will be treated with the greatest care. Our team of furniture movers in Portland will protect your furniture pieces in sturdy, cushioning moving blankets and then plastic wrap. We carefully take your furniture out of your home and load it securely onto our truck. Your furniture is always in safe hands with us.

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Moving’s no fun; you want it over with as soon and as simply as possible. Because we’re pros who’ve been in the business for a long time, we know our way around a move. This is to your great advantage. It means we plan well, work quickly and skillfully, and complete your move correctly. And a masterfully executed move results in less stress for you.


  • Clear, thorough, up-front needs assessment and quote
  • Offer a full range of moving services
  • Communicative, punctual, and professional
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Our movers have experience protecting, transferring, and resettling furniture — and more — of all sizes and shapes. There’s nothing that’s outside our wheelhouse! You can rest assured that our dedicated crew is applying all its training and know-how to your move.


  • Specialize in moving pianos and specialty items
  • Full-time, professional team
  • Over 25 years’ combined moving experience


You can rely on us. As a long-time local business, we’ve established a stellar reputation. We’re respected both as movers and as a community member. This is backed up by our growing list of happy customers, who leave us glowing reviews. Committed to you and your security, we’re fully credentialed.


  • Portland-area movers since 2004
  • Licensed and insured
  • Oregon Moving & Storage Association (OMSA) member

Tailor-Made Furniture Moving Services


We understand that everybody has a different situation. Conveniently, our services can be adjusted to fit your requirements. West Coast Movers offers all-inclusive or à la carte service, so you can choose just the right amount and kind of help needed for your move.


Need your house rearranged but can’t maneuver or lift the furniture on your own? What about moving from your apartment to another one in your complex? Regardless of the many different scenarios, we can help. In our years of business, we’ve probably done every type of furniture move imaginable in the Portland area.


Staying in town or crossing the state line, West Coast Movers can organize your furniture move. Our crew can get your belongings transferred to destinations all along the West Coast in a safe and timely manner. So, wherever you’re sticking a pin in the map, we’ll help you make it feel like “home.”


Moves often involve a lot of unknowns. That’s why it’s critical to work with a Portland professional moving service team who are attuned to your needs. At West Coast Movers, we’re adept at coming up with a comprehensive relocation plan that suits you. And, when something changes — as it probably will — we’re agile enough to respond quickly with suggestions and solutions.

What to Expect from Professional Furniture Moving


Moves are like snowflakes — no two are the same. When you contact West Coast Movers to get a quote for professional furniture moving services in Portland, we respond right away. You’ll work with a moving consultant to determine what services your move requires. Based on this, we provide you an easy-to-understand, all-inclusive quote for your relocation.

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Moving is chaotic enough as is. You don’t want the added worry of your possessions getting lost en route, misplaced in your new home, or dinged up. With over 20 years in the business, we’ve got the chops to get your move done correctly and efficiently. We’re highly organized and take precautionary measures to prevent damage or loss to your furniture and home or office. Which means less fussing and fretting for you — at a time you can probably appreciate anything that brings calm and order to your life.


One of the biggest mistakes people make is overestimating their furniture-moving abilities. People commonly think they can handle the move on their own. But, because moving furniture can be awkward, it can also be dangerous. One misstep can result in getting hurt or damaging your furniture or home. Hiring West Coast Moving is a great way to wipe worries of accidents and injuries from your mind. As professional furniture movers, we have the training, experience, and supplies to complete your move safely.

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We value your business. Because you’re so important to us, we’re committed to providing you with the best service possible. Expect nothing short of professional and friendly team members, competent furniture moving, and attentive pre- and post-move care. Like the many satisfied customers throughout Portland our furniture movers have helped, we hope you, too, find our approach to be five-star worthy!

There Are Countless Reasons Why Using Experienced Movers Is The Right Option For You.

Moving from one place to another is an obvious occasion to hire a professional furniture mover. But there are other, possibly less grand or less evident reasons, too. To tick off a few examples:

  • You bought a new bedroom set and need it picked up and delivered. And while we’re at it, you want help removing the old, out-going pieces as well. 
  • It’s time to de-clutter your home or office. You could use some assistance hauling items into temporary storage or to the curb or dumpster for donation or disposal.
  • The delivery guy deposited your new couch in the driveway. You need a hand moving it that last ten percent of the way, up the stairs with the tricky corners.

We’re also called upon — more often than you might think — to rearrange furniture within or between rooms. This happens a lot during home or office renovations, when occupancy levels change or when the function of a space changes.

Regardless of your reason, it still boils down to: You’ve got a furniture moving job that’s too much for you to do on your own. West Coast Movers is ready and able to help.

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Our Portland Furniture Movers Can Help

Don’t let your furniture moving needs become a bother or predicament. Engaging our team is definitely the way to go. We can handle any situation and make your move so much easier for you.

Have questions or feel like you might need help with something unusual? We’re happy to talk you through the different services we offer. Get in touch today!

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