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Specialty Moving Services for the West Coast

Moving to a new place is already challenging enough without having to worry about the logistics of transporting tricky items. If you’re getting ready for a complicated move, you need specialty movers who know how to get the job done right. West Coast Moving & Storage has the right experience and equipment. 

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Our team of custom movers has more than 25 years of combined experience. They’ve seen it all— pizza ovens, corn grinders, and even phone booths. Their expertise along with careful planning and innovative problem solving allows us to offer:


  • Superior service at an affordable rate
  • Free moving quotes from a Certified Moving Consultant
  • No hidden fees or surprises on moving day
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West Coast Moving & Storage has been helping people and businesses in the Portland, Oregon area since 2004. We are invested in our local community and we love what we do. Our extensive knowledge of the area and roadways saves you time and money.


  • Conveniently located in Portland
  • Members of the Oregon Moving & Storage Association (OMSA)
  • Accurate, on-site estimates


West Coast Moving & Storage is ready to handle your large, heavy, and fragile possessions. Our highly qualified specialty movers can even pack, load, and unload your items to ensure their safety. We always show up on time and ready to get started.


  • Licensed and insured
  • Registered with USDOT
  • Full-time professional moving staff
  • High-quality  professional moving equipment

Hoist & Crane Moving for Heavy Objects

Our team uses hoists and cranes to move specialty items of all shapes and sizes. Whether you have heavy machinery on a second story or awkward items that won’t fit through the door, we can move them safely. We’re here to make sure your heavy, bulky, and delicate belongings don’t cause you stress on moving day.

Hoisting objects through a window or over a balcony is more common than you might think, even for residential moves. Doing this safely requires advanced knowledge of hoist and crane moving techniques. We use state-of-the-art equipment and a fleet of excellent moving vans with full-sized lift gates to make sure your belongings are in good hands every step of the way.

Our Custom Moving Services Include:


Professional packer wrapping art

Art and Antiques

Do you need to move valuable, sentimental, or one-of-a-kind pieces that can’t be replaced? We treat everything you own with the respect it deserves, including carefully wrapping each item in moving blankets and shrink wrap. In addition to moving your artwork with added protection, we can transport and store your collection in our climate-controlled wooden storage vaults.

Computers and Electronics

You don’t want to set up your new space after a move only to find out your IT equipment was damaged on the trip. Properly transporting computers and workstations is a delicate job that is best left to specialty equipment movers.

Movers packing up computer, IT equipment and workstations for offices and commercial spaces
Specialty movers storing large, medical equipment in wooden boxes

Medical Equipment

Lab and medical equipment is expensive, delicate, and often heavy. From MRI machines to surgical tools, you can trust West Coast Moving & Storage to handle your sensitive medical equipment safely.

Bulky Items

While we don’t move pool tables, fish tanks, or exercise equipment with cables, we move just about everything else. That includes heavy appliances, furniture, pianos, safes, cast iron bathtubs, and any palletized goods.

Specialty moving staff storing piano in Portland
COVID safe movers wearing masks lifting a couch

Miscellaneous Furniture Moving

TV stands, entertainment centers, accent tables and chairs, cabinets, pedestals, and much more. If there is a piece of furniture or equipment that you did not find on this list, contact us with the weight and dimensions for a free quote.

Piano Moving and Storage

We take great pride in being the premier piano moving and storage company in the Pacific Northwest since 2004. From our competitive services to our exceptional customer service, we are determined to make your piano move safe, efficient, and affordable.

Learn more about our piano moving and storage services here.

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How We Work

Are you interested in working with West Coast Moving & Storage? Here’s what to expect:


It’s not enough to simply drive your items from Point A to B without a scratch. We want you to have an excellent moving experience from beginning to end with as little stress as possible along the way. Our custom movers are always courteous, punctual, and prepared. 


Our first priority with any move is to protect people and property. We start by making sure all humans and pets are safely out of the way before we get started on moving day. Even when cranes and other heavy equipment is involved, we move your items with extreme care.

Problem Solving

We love finding creative solutions to complex moving problems. Our movers always welcome a challenge because constant improvement is our goal. That’s why we are always pushing ourselves to innovate, improve safety, and increase efficiency with every move. 

Flexible Custom Moving Options

As full-service movers, we can do more than move specialty items. We want to make your whole move easier in any way we can. We are always happy to customize our services to fit your needs. We offer packing and unpacking, long-distance moving, and secure storage options at our climate-controlled Portland warehouse.

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Are you looking for skilled custom movers you can trust? At West Coast Moving & Storage, we started out as piano movers, so we know exactly how to manage large, high-end items. Do you have questions for us? Want to know if we can move something you own? 

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