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Packing and Unpacking Services

Are you moving while starting a new job at the same time?

Or what about moving your family to a new house and a new school district? These new life situations can be very overwhelming and sometimes you don’t even have the time to deal with them. That is when a packing company comes into play. With West Coast Moving’s full service moving options we can help lighten your stress load and your work load. We offer packing and unpacking services as options of your overall moving package.

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What does full service moving include?

Getting ready for your move

Before your move, our moving consultant will come out to your house and evaluate the type of supplies you will need and the amount. On the day of the move, our movers bring the needed packing supplies and will work as efficiently and carefully as we can to pack up your belongings. You can work side by side with us to make sure we are getting everything packed and placed in the right area.

The benefits of a packing company

The benefits of having a company that offers packing services is that you can pick and choose which ones you want to utilize. We understand that each moving situation has multiple scenarios and different needs than other ones. It is our job to make your move as easy as possible for you! Want to pack up all of your own things but want us to assist with the unpacking process? Not a problem. Or we can pack up all of your belongings at your old house and leave it up to you to unpack them however you want at the new one! Regardless of which option you choose, your belongings will be in great care and in great condition.

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Why use a packing and unpacking moving company?

You might ask yourself why you would want to use a packing and unpacking moving company.

First off, it can help make your new transition easier. We understand that moving can be overwhelming and complicated, so why not let a professional moving company help with some of the work?

Second, using the packing and unpacking services that a moving company provides makes your move get finished quicker. The efficiency and experience of our movers allows them to divide and conquer each task that is given to them to help cut down the overall time of the move.

Lastly, trusting your belongings with our movers will help make sure that your items are packed and handled with care! We want everything to make it in one piece from the old house even more than you guys, so you know we are going to treat your stuff with extra care. Think that West Coast Moving and Storage might offer the right services for you?

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