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​Wood Storage Vaults In Portland

Whether you’re moving or just reducing the amount of stuff in your home or office, sometimes you need to carve out a little extra space. You don’t want to get rid of those belongings, but there’s no room in their current location. What are you to do?

While you certainly have choices, West Coast Moving & Storage offers you a truly great option — wooden storage vaults. These are high-quality vaults that you can fill with any non-flammable, non-living items. They’re stored in our secure, climate-controlled Portland facility under the care and supervision of our team.

Our storage vaults are superior because:

  • They provide a temporary home-away-from-home for your furniture and other valued possessions.
  • They accommodate a lot.
  • They’re safeguarded from theft and environmental damage.

But, did you know that our wooden storage vaults located in Portland are also more affordable than traditional self-storage units? It’s a win-win for you and your property.

Climate controlled storage in Portland, Oregon

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It can be nerve-wracking to leave your prized possessions out of your direct control and supervision. We get that, completely, and want to alleviate any worries. To this end, we’ve taken all the precautions to protect you and your belongings. Your things are safe with us.


  • Climate-controlled wooden shipping crate facility in Portland
  • Warehouse monitored by staff and surveillance 24/7/365
  • Fully licensed and insured
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We’ve been in business since the early 2000s. As a well-established company, you can count on us. You can rest assured that we’ll be here for you today and tomorrow. This is backed up by our business practices and outstanding track record as well.


  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Scores of content customers and exemplary reviews
  • Stellar reputation with business and civic communities


Our crew’s here to serve you! That’s why we’re in business. We try our best to proactively anticipate all your moving needs. But we know plans change or special requests pop up — and it’s our pleasure to help. We aim to flex our skills to get the job done to your satisfaction.


  • Easy to contact, responsive and communicative
  • Flexible appointment scheduling
  • Work with dedicated, professional staff and movers

Climate-Controlled Wooden-Vault Storage Explained

What’s a Wooden Storage Vault?

Our wooden storage vaults in Portland are sealable and securable wooden containers that you can load with your belongings. At West Coast Moving & Storage, all of our storage vaults are located in Portland and are built with high-quality lumber frames and plywood walls and floor. The base itself is constructed to protect against forklift damage and provides easy access from all sides. These ultra-sturdy vaults are designed to thoroughly safekeep your belongings.

What You Can Keep in a Storage Vault

Our vaults measure 7’ long x 5’ wide x 7’ 10” tall. This gives you a lot of flexibility. As long as your belongings fit within these dimensions and aren’t flammable (e.g., gasoline, propane, lighter fluid, oil), living (e.g., plants or animals), or otherwise unsuitable for storing, you can stow them here! You may even be able to fit up to a room’s worth of furniture inside your storage vault.

Benefits of Controlled-Climate Storage

Plainly put, not all items should be stored in an uncontrolled environment. Uncontrolled storage environments can be prone to mold, mildew, and pests. Damp storage facilities can destroy wooden furniture and instruments as moisture leads to splitting and warping. A climate-controlled warehouse is the way to go to help protect your property.

Benefits of Our Climate-Controlled Storage Vaults

West Coast Moving & Storage provides a superior solution for your storage needs. We offer the total package. We masterfully handle everything from initial moving, protective wrapping, and loading to storage, monitoring, and return delivery. Your possessions are stowed in a robust vault in a climate-controlled warehouse. Plus, this alternative to self-storage checks out with a smaller price tag. More and better for less.

Advantages of Wooden Storage Vaults

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Our professional movers begin by wrapping your belongings with furniture pads and shrink wrap. Then they carefully load your items into a wooden storage vault. And finally, your vault is kept in our secure warehouse at our northeast Portland location.

To heighten the security of vaults and our facility, access is by appointment only. Simply schedule a time. You can come in during business hours — Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm. ​


On top of varying storage fees, tenant insurance, transportation costs, and the cost of replacing any damaged or stolen property, self-storage just isn’t worth it.

Here at West Coast Moving & Storage, our prices don’t fluctuate according to the market rate. We charge a straightforward, flat monthly fee.

For less than what a month of self-storage costs, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are:

  • Tightly secured in our warehouse
  • Monitored by staff and surveillance around the clock
  • Stored in an environment free from theft, harsh weather, pests, and other potential hazards.

So, with us, you’re getting a good deal and a great value.

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Storing your possessions in broiling, freezing, overly dry, or humid conditions can cause all sorts of problems. Wood tends to crack or warp, accumulate mold, or attract pests. Metal items can rust. Paper and fabric can get mildewed or start to disintegrate.

Fortunately, this isn’t an issue when you keep your possessions at West Coast Moving & Storage. We maintain climate controlled storage vaults at our Portland facility whereThe temperature dial is always at 65° Fahrenheit (plus or minus 5 degrees). The humidity level is right in the sweet spot — enough to prevent your property from drying out and not so much that it’s harmed.


Putting your belongings into storage is a multi-step process. It doesn’t have to be headache- or heartache-inducing, though.

When you opt for West Coast Moving & Storage’s wooden storage vaults, all you have to do is round up whatever you want stored. We take it from there, handling all the other details. Protecting, moving, and return delivery of your possessions — that’s on our to-do list, not yours. Yes, storing your things really can be that easy!

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Moving and decluttering are chaotic enough as is. You don’t need the added stress of figuring out what to do with the things you just don’t have a spot for. West Coast Moving & Storage is the easiest and best answer to your storage situation.

Our team of professional movers come to your home or business. They load your belongings into our truck and transport them to our warehouse. There, we unload the items into your own dedicated wooden storage vault. When you’re ready to get your possessions back, we transfer your belongings into our truck and deliver them anywhere on the West Coast.

While your property is stored with us, it’s well-attended. We’re serious about maintaining a secure, climate-controlled premises so your belongings come out of storage in the same condition as when they entered. Plus, our full-time, professional movers and staff are here to support you with excellent service. Call today if you would like more information on our climate controlled wooden storage vaults in Portland or would like to see exactly how we can help you with all of your moving and storage needs.

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