The process of moving can quickly become overwhelming when you consider all of the verbiage, lists, needs, and expectations of your move.

You may also have to deal with buying or selling a home, moving and settling into a new environment, and handling the stress of making sure that everything is done correctly and on time.

One term that is often spoken when you are dealing with moving companies is a “certified moving consultant.” But what does it mean to be certified and what effect does that have on your move?

What Is a Certified Moving Consultant?

A certified moving consultant is a licensed employee that has gone through rigorous studying and training and had adhered to the Code of Ethics and Professional Standards.

Some advantages of hiring a certified moving consultant include:

  • Receiving an accurate piano moving estimate
  • Providing strategies for a safe, secure, and time-efficient piano move
  • Staying informed throughout the entire process

It is really important that when dealing with moving companies that you are dealing with a certified/licensed/insured company. Otherwise, you are prone to scamming, theft or damages to your belongings.

Not sure if they have a certified moving consultant? You can contact the American Moving & Storage Association to verify it the foot first the shoe before finalizing your decision.

Couple Speaking with Certified Moving Consultant

What a Certified Moving Consultant Can Do for You

Now that we know what a certified moving consultant is, what is the purpose of one?

Sometimes when moving, it is easy for people to overestimate and underestimate the number of belongings that they have and the difficulty it will take in moving. A certified moving consultant does not ballpark these numbers but instead comes to your house beforehand to grasp a better understanding of the home layout and overall moving situation.

How much stuff do you have? Do you have any difficult pieces like large furniture or pianos? Do you have stairs and if so, do you have them inside and outside? Any obstructions along the driveway? Will you consider purchasing piano moving insurance?

These are just some important questions to consider before speaking with a moving consultant. Also, answering these ahead of time will expedite the moving process and get your piano settled into your new home sooner.

Speak with a Certified Moving Consultant Today!

Although it may seem that moving is cut and dry, there are some overlooked aspects that can have a large impact on your entire move.

Certified moving consultants are great additions to your moving squad. With their level of knowledge and expertise, they may even teach you a moving technique or two. Also, their manpower, tools, and equipment are at your disposal.

At West Coast Piano Moving & Storage, our team of licensed and certified professional movers is readily available to help safely and securely pack and move your belongings into your new home. We also offer a climate controlled storage facility for pianos of all sizes.

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