A lot of factors contribute to the protection not only of your piano, but of yourself when you are moving your piano.

It is crucial that you do the proper research on the best method to move your piano, whether it be a DIY move or if you want to hire movers. One of the most overlooked aspects of every piano move – piano moving insurance.

It seems like there are more tedious logistics to handle before thinking about if your piano is insured. But what happens if something does happen during the move, causing the piano damage and you don’t have the proper insurance?

Read to learn more about the real cost of not purchasing piano moving insurance.

DIY Move

If you decide to do a DIY move, you should look into purchasing moving insurance to protect your instrument.

Not having insurance on your piano will most definitely cost you more money in the end, granted that your piano gets scratched, damaged, or altered in any during the move. Also, any damage done to the piano or to anything else around the piano will have to come out of your pocket. Guaranteed the cost of purchasing moving insurance will always be less than the cost of having to fix your piano.

Piano Moving Company

When looking for a moving company, it is important that they are a registered and licensed company. This information is easily accessible and only takes an extra couple of minutes to ensure that you are working with a certified and legitimate business.

Most likely, the company provides moving insurance for your belongings up to a certain amount to the dollar. Don’t always assume that the moving company provides this, as you will be upset and shocked when if an accident happens, and you are footed with the bill. On top of the insurance that the company provides, you can also purchase additional insurance to cover up the remaining dollar amount that the company isn’t insured for.

DIY Move vs. Professional Piano Movers

So what would be the cost if you were to not have the proper moving insurance?

It’s no secret that pianos are not the cheapest instruments. Just think of the cost that it will take to repair the piano out of pocket with no insurance involved. Doing your research ahead of time and ensuring that your company has the proper licensing and insurance documents will help save you time, hassle, and money in the long run.

A DIY can be as efficient as hiring professional movers, but can become costly when needing to hire friends or family members, buying or renting piano moving equipment, and taking extra time out of your day to supervise the entire process.

If you’re looking for efficiency, affordable, and professional services, then you should hire a moving company instead. On top of already having the tools and experience necessary to get the job done, hiring professionals allows you to shift your attention and efforts to the rest of the moving process.

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