No matter who you are, how strong you are, or how experienced you are, moving a piano is not easy. Thankfully there are tools and techniques that have been developed in order to make this process easier.

From our staff here at West Coast Moving & Storage, we always recommend hiring professionals when you are trying to move anything heavier or bigger than a couch. It takes multiple people to be able to get a piano prepared to move. Most people don’t have the proper tools for moving a piano either – straps, dollies, pads, and back harnesses.

Having the right team and tools are essential to having a safe and successful piano move. Not convinced? Here are 3 safety risks of DIY piano moving.

Physical Injury

We have always been taught not to lift with our backs. This could be for carrying a heavy box, lifting weights, or whatever else you may be lifting. This old piece of advice is especially true come moving time.

Pianos are often underestimated in their size and degree of awkwardness when you are thinking of moving this heavy instrument. One misplaced footstep, loose grip of hands, or any other obstructions or distractions (kids, dogs, stuff on the ground) can instantly become a serious injury. Throwing out a back, breaking fingers, and injuries cause from falling can all be a result of bodily harm from a DIY piano move.

This is still the case, even when you have more than enough people to help move a piano. The odds of having somebody getting hurt or causing property damage to the surroundings or piano itself remain high, especially when you include stairs and hills.

Broken Piano from DIY MovingTransportation

How do you plan on getting your piano from your old house to your new house? Do you have a truck or does someone have a moving vehicle that you can use?

Method of transportation is a very important factor in getting your piano safely to your new house. Just loading a piano into the back of someone’s pickup isn’t necessarily the greatest move. You need to be asking questions like, how are we going to secure this? Can this vehicle withstand the weight of this in the back without toppling the car over? They may seem like silly precautions, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Consider the Little Details

There are some things that you might overlook when you are thinking of moving your own piano.

Surprisingly. your clothing can play a big role in the move. Wear clothing that will not get in the way or be too loose that it might get snagged by something. If you have children or pets, try to have them preoccupied so they can’t get tangled up under your feet while you are trying to move the piano. Preparing the house is another thing you need to take into consideration. Make sure the walkways are all clear from anything that might be a hazard. Have doorways open and rugs cleared from the area.


Before handling a piano move on your own, always consider hiring professional movers first and foremost. They have the experience and tools needed to make a move as seamless as possible. If you decide against having professionals help you, ensure that you have the equipment and team members that are better trained for moving a piano into your new home.