Winter is one busiest seasons for the piano industry! I mean, who wouldn’t want to get a piano for Christmas or the new year?

Sometimes people don’t plan ahead when they are thinking about buying a piano, and they just know that they want to get one. It is important to prep beforehand by clearing up space and a path for your piano to be safely moved into your home. You may also want to consider these questions: Do you want to move it yourself? Will piano movers be better suited for the job?

Depending on your approach, here are some ways how you can safely move a piano into your home.


Although it may be cost-efficient to have friends and family help move a piano, it is generally not a good idea. Considering the layout of your home, stairs, furniture, and other nearby obstacles, there is a high probability of scratching or damaging the piano in the process. Also, muscles can be strained if not carried correctly.

Having professionals take charge is the best option for moving a piano. Firstly, a piano can generally weigh anywhere between 500 and 1,200 pounds and cost anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars. Hiring professional piano movers can drastically cut the risk of damage to the instrument and to your home. Secondly, purchasing moving insurance can provide an additional safety net. Thirdly, potential injuries from moving the piano by yourself can be prevented.


It is important to prep your house before your piano arrives. Move any rugs that movers could trip their feet on, move any furniture that can get in the way, and try to keep your pets out of the way as not to disturb or interfere with the movers. Plan ahead of time, decide where you want the piano to go, and have that space completely ready for set up.

If you had to move any furniture around in the process, piano movers will be more than happy to help set things back in their proper place! Also, if you are trying to put your piano in a specific spot but you’re not sure if it will work, have a backup plan. Set up another location for where the piano can go, in case the original moving area doesn’t work. That way the movers can quickly get the piano settled in the proper location.


If you decide to not go with movers and you want to handle the move yourself, you will have to get the proper tools in order to safely move your piano. Movers use moving pads and straps to wrap and secure the pianos to prevent any damage. Use blankets and towels that won’t scratch or damage the piano in order to get it from getting scratches and to buffer anything that might bump up against it. Dolly’s are extremely helpful, and allow you to move the piano without having to actually carry it the entire time. You’ll need tools in order to remove the legs, so you can fit the piano into your home and through doorways. Always take precautionary measures against any piano moving risks to ensure that you and your home will be safeguarded from any damage or injury.

Pianos are beautiful additions to any home. Therefore, is it important to take extra steps of precaution and care for your piano when trying to move it into a new room or home. Hiring professional piano movers can eliminate more potential incidents of personal injury or property damage than moving a piano by yourself. For a free estimate, contact West Coast Moving & Storage today.