Are planning to move your piano to Portland, Oregon?

Whether you’re nearby or out-of-state, all the odds are against you when moving a piano. The instrument weighs 800 pounds on average, it is prone to damage in a closed environment, and can cause personal injury.

If you decide to carry out a do-it-yourself piano move, read our tips on on how to safely move your piano to Portland.

Consult a Piano Moving Company

We highly recommend researching and consulting a piano moving company before carrying the piano yourself.

Begin by searching online for moving companies in your area that specialize in piano moves. Look for professional piano movers that are both certified and insured. Certified moving consultants have studied and gone through exams on regulations and customer requirements. Moving insurance adds that extra layer of protection, so you can be reimbursed in the case that the piano is damaged during the move.

Here are some questions you can ask over the phone or in-person when speaking with a piano moving company:

Read here for more frequently asked questions about piano moving.

Credibility is Everything

If you choose to work with a piano moving company, it is crucial that they have the proper credentials necessary for the job.

What credentials would you be looking for? Here is a list of things to look out for when researching online or when speaking with a professional:

  • Household goods mover (HHG) license
  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) license
  • Accreditations and affiliations
  • Offers different insurance policies
  • Offers worker’s compensation
  • Has long-standing company history

It is shocking the amount of people that are duped each year by people posing as moving companies. Before you pass over all of your belongings to somebody, make sure to always conduct a background check on the company.

Carry the Proper Piano Moving Equipment

If you decide to go the cheaper route and rent a moving truck, you will need to pick up some specialty supplies first.

The essential piano moving equipment include:

  • Work gloves
  • Heavy duty dolly
  • Plastic wrap
  • Piano board
  • Moving pads and blankets

We recommend to first clear out a safe path for the piano in your house, so you or the instrument will not bump into any walls or furniture during the process.

If you have any piano casters, make sure to remove them. Otherwise, you will risk moving a wobbly piano. Don’t forget to lower the lid and lock it.

Lastly, leave your piano in an area of a room where there is little sunlight and stable humidity. Pianos are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and are more likely to suffer damages if not stored properly.

Last Note: Stick with the Professionals!

Moving a piano is nowhere close to being an easy process and should not be treated as such.

Hiring professional piano movers can safe you time, money, and energy that can be invested into the rest of your move.

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If you are seeking a piano moving professional, contact us today for a free moving estimate!

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