The question “How many movers do I need to move a piano?” really depends on several factors of the move.

Are you doing the move on your own or are you hiring professionals? This is the main element that can have an influence of how many people need to be there to help.

Another important thing to consider is what kind of piano are you dealing with? Is it an upright piano? Or a full sized grand piano? Not to mention the location can play a factor too!

If you are maneuvering your piano up and down stairs or through tight spaces, plan accordingly. Read more to discover how many movers you need to move a piano.

Alert Piano Movers about Obstacles Beforehand

Okay let’s say that you are hiring movers to move your piano. How many movers are you paying for to have your stuff moved? Usually, professional moving companies have enough experience and expertise to know exactly how much manpower they are going to need in order to complete the move.

It is important to be honest and open with them when you are describing the move and the obstacles that they are going to be facing. How many sets of stairs or landings are they going to have to cross in order to get the piano safely in and out of the house? Is your driveway unusually steep?

If you know that you have somewhat of a difficult situation for moving your piano, be up front with them from the beginning so they will know exactly what to expect and how many movers they are going to need. Even though it’s your house and you are used to all of the details of it, try to think of what it would be like to have to deal with a huge instrument and carrying them down steep stairs or trying not to topple over while making their way to the moving truck. This can be the key to having a stress free and successful move!

Young Couple Looking for Professional Piano Movers

The More the Merrier

If you are deciding to do a DIY move, how many of your friends do you need to bribe with Papa Murphy’s pizza and cookie dough in order to help you get your piano moved? Unless your career is piano moving, most likely you will need more people than a moving company would ever need.

Like we mentioned above earlier, the factors of what kind of piano you have and the layout of your house all pay a crucial role in moving your piano. There can be such a thing as having too many people helping with the move. Ever heard of too many cooks in the kitchen? You’ll probably need 3-4 people to help with the move of the piano. This is a good amount in case things prove to be more difficult than you thought they would be.

Nothing Beats the Professionals

If you don’t have to deal with the hassle of hiring your friends, borrow or rent the proper piano moving equipment or supervising the whole time, hire professional piano movers for the job.

Maybe there’s something about learning the lesson the hard way but more times than not, people hire piano movers the second time around after a strenuous DIY move. Especially when considering that the additional stress of having to move the piano on your own just takes away your time and attention away from other moving priorities.

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