Your move is important. It is the day when all of your stuff is picked up by virtual strangers, packed onto a truck, and delivered across town, the state, or the nation. You are taking your family into a new era in their lives. The kids may go to new schools and you and your spouse may begin new jobs or careers. So, selecting the right Portland moving company is very important, and even the state of Oregon has chimed in on how to select the right movers. This post will discuss these topics:

Oregon License

Note that the State of Oregon requires a special license for all movers of household goods. Make sure that anyone who offers their services as a moving company must have this license. This way, your and your family’s stuff will be assured of being handled by responsible parties. There are many rogue movers out there who use substandard employees, trucks, and other equipment that it is important to make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate company.


Problems arise in any business, so make sure that your movers are licensed with policies that are up-to-date. If your prized possessions are damaged, you want to be sure that you can replace what is replaceable, and that a loss of priceless items is at least consoled with an insurance payment. Ask to see your mover’s insurance papers prior to moving day.

Intrastate Moves in Oregon

When your Portland mover is transporting your goods within the borders of the State of Oregon, they must provide you with a General Information Bulletin for Moving Household Goods in Oregon. In fact, they must also receive your signature on the final receipt which will attest to your having received this bulletin. If your mover does not mention this bulletin, you might want to consider finding another company. The bulletin will run down important points such as:

  • Common Problems with Moving
  • What to Consider Prior to a Move
  • Documents Pertinent to Your Move
  • Issues Arising Post-Move

Be certain to not only receive this document from the mover as an act of good faith, but to read it carefully. That bulletin contains vital information for you and your family. Also, even if you are not required to receive it (if you are moving out of state), it is still a valuable document to read.

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