Oregon was recently announced as the number one state to move to in the United States! Why you ask? There are countless reasons of why people of all ages are moving to the Pacific Northwest. One of the more prominent reasons is the economic growth that is currently happening in the state. More opportunities are becoming available with diverse companies popping up left and right. Young people are moving here to start their careers and older generations are moving here to retire. The cost of living is also significantly lower than other parts of the country. It is very appealing and also possible for people to be able to come here and purchase a home to raise their families in.

Welcome to Oregon!

Although you could ask some Oregonians how they feel about all the rain here, the weather is also another incentive for people to make the move. Regardless of the rainfall levels, the summers and winters here are very mild. No unbearable snow or sweltering heat- we just get a more mild version of all four seasons here every year. It is no secret that Oregon is very green. Green trees, green pastures, and an eco-friendly green mindset. The culture here is very in tune with the amenities that nature has to offer here. We have miles of beautiful coastland, mountains with cascading peaks, and desert land that stretches for miles of nothing. Not to mention the cultural experiences here. Portland especially has a very hip art/ music/entertainment scene. Not to mention that we were voted number one for food carts in the United States! Craft breweries and world renowned wineries are also plentiful here.

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