Picture your house and all of the pieces that go into running a household. Now think about moving and all of the work that it is going to take to move everything inside your current home into your new home.

All of the furniture, appliances, yard equipment, stuff stored in your garage, clothes and everything else that makes a home. It can seem overwhelming when you establish it all as one and the task at hand when it comes to moving.

As annoying as packing and labeling boxes can be, clothes, shoes, dishes, and other household accessories are always less daunting than what it takes to move furniture, appliances, or even large instruments.

How to Move Appliances

If you are moving your appliances with you, they can be heavy and awkward for somebody to move on their own.

If you decide to move everything in your house on your own, you need to take all of the necessary precautions in order to maintain the quality of the rest of the house (the old one and the new one).

That’s why we have come up with a list of 5 helpful tips for moving heavy appliances safely.

Moving heavy kitchen appliances

Hiring Movers to Move Appliances

Our most common piece of advice is hiring professional movers.

When you want to avoid costly diy mistakes, getting help from experienced professionals always the best way to handle household moves. They are skilled and experienced in knowing how to best move appliances without doing damage to the item, themselves and the surrounding environment of the appliances.

Use a Dolly to Move Appliances

Dragging your appliances over the floor is a HUGE no-no. Seriously, that can cause serious damage to both your appliances and your floors whether they are tile, hardwood, linoleum or any other flooring material.

So you’re probably wondering how to move a stove without scratching the floor? Or how you’re going to get your heavy appliances into the moving truck?

The trick of the trade in regards to moving anything is always the magical dolly.

By lifting your appliances unto a dolly, you are saving not only your floors but quite possibly your back from getting injured! Rolling your appliances around will be way more efficient than trying to move the appliances by hand on your own.

Trust us when we say using a dolly when moving appliances will make everything easier in regard to your move.

Floor Protectors for Moving Appliances

Sometimes when people get new appliances like refrigerators or washers and dryers, they will make sure to put foot pads on the appliance before they install it in their house. This is a great protection option in case you plan on cleaning around the appliances or in case it gets shifted within its area.

Having moving pads around the appliances while you are moving is also important in keeping your floors protected. If you don’t have foot pads on your appliances in your current home, you might want to add them before you install them in your new home.

The last thing that you want to do is scratch your hardwood floors or tile in either house which can be a hassle and costly to fix!

Safeguard Your Path With Protection Sheets / Pads

When moving your appliances within your home, make sure to line the path that you intend to move your appliances in or out is covered with some form of protection.

You can use moving sheets, cardboard, old pieces of carpet, or just moving pads. This way there is an extra layer of protection between the appliance and your flooring.

If you’re using a dolly or some form of glider to get the appliance out it will hopefully avoid damage, but if not then the extra layer on the walking path is crucial.

Make sure that everything is smooth and even however because you could easily misplace a foot or get snagged on the lip of something and trip and cause damage to yourself and the appliance you are moving.

Moving Tips for Different Types of Appliances

With each different appliance in your house, comes an additional layer of what is needed to move it. Washers/dryers are moved and handled differently than let’s say a stove.

With all of your appliances that you are moving, especially those with gas lines it is highly recommended to hire a professional to ensure that the gas line has been properly disconnected/reconnected during a move.

Heavy washing machine to move

Washers and dryers can sometimes be found upstairs in a laundry room which can be trickier to move downstairs. Circling back to the first tip we recommend hiring movers to help with tricky items such as appliances and other heavy ticket items.

Refrigerators need to be treated properly so the interior of the fridge/freezer cannot be ruined.

Move Appliances Safely

Appliances are tricky and heavy items that need to be taken care of during a move. It is important to take the proper precaution in order to preserve the appliances themselves and the flooring that they reside on.

The last thing you would want to do is scratch or damage anything in your old house or new house while moving your refrigerator or stove!

These are just some tips that might help during a move when it comes to moving your appliances. As always we consistently recommend hiring professional movers in order to keep you safe, get your move done quickly and efficiently and keep your items in good hands.

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