A home is something to be proud of! You try your best to keep it in its best condition and to take good care of it. That being said, a good majority of homes have hardwood floors in their main living area. When moving a piano it is important that you don’t cause any damage to the piano itself but also to your house in the process. They are very heavy and intricate instruments and it takes a lot of effort and prep work to move a piano successfully.

If your piano is on hardwood floors or will be moved across hardwood floors, it is important to maintain the quality and condition of them without scratching or damaging them in the move. Here are some tips on how to move your piano on hardwood floors without scratching them.

Caster Cups

Do you know what caster cups are? They are little round or square coverings that are placed under big and heavy furniture items- couches, pianos, tables etc. They help prevent scratches and damage to any floor surfaces in your house and where you are moving your furniture. These are a great option to assist moving your piano over the hardwood floors. They usually have felt bottoms which provide a smooth and steady covering to separate the feet of the piano from the hardwood floors.


Another trick to swiftly move your piano from one spot to another without damaging hardwood floors, is to use a dolly. They easily glide over the floors and are very easy to manipulate and move around. This is a common tool used by movers in order to safely and quickly move your piano.

Moving Pads & Blankets

Don’t have access to caster cups or a dolly? Moving pads or blankets are your next best option. You can cover your floors with blankets so you can avoid any damage to the hardwoods this way. Using a protective layer can ease the strain of trying to prevent scratching the floors. Just be careful that you don’t trip over them while you are moving the piano!

Grand Piano on Hardwood Floor


Hire Professional Movers

To ensure upmost quality and care for your hardwoods, is to hire professional movers. This is the best way to make sure you will have no damage to you house or your piano! They are experienced and know the best techniques and methods in order to get your piano moved. Any hassle that you have to go through in order to move the piano yourself will be avoided by hiring movers. You won’t have to get any tools or bribe your friends in order to help you. Movers come prepared with trucks, tools, and the manpower in order to complete your move!

These are just a few tips to help prevent any scratches or damage to your house! At West Coast Piano Moving & Storage, we have a team of piano moving specialists that are professional, reliable, and on top of all safety precautions to prevent injury and property damage. Contact us today to receive a free piano moving quote.