Pianos are very finicky specialty items that require a lot of care. It takes a lot of effort and concern to keep them in the best quality and to ensure that they are in good playing condition. The slightest change in temperature/environment can make all the difference in how your piano works. You might think that storing your piano in a regular storage unit is the right way to go, but don’t sign the contract just yet. Start doing some research on specialty piano storage facilities and what they can offer to help protect your piano.

One of the most important reasons for having a special facility is to keep care of the keys, strings, wood and all the internal workings of the piano. Humidity, really cold temperatures, rain, and heat can all have drastically damaging effects on your piano. Making sure you are using a climate controlled facility is key. You may think that the value of the piano is the inside, but the finishing of your instrument is just as important. It keeps up the overall quality and aesthetic of the piano in top condition. Storing your piano in your garage or maybe a basement can’t ensure the safety of the piano. At any moment your water heater might burst, there could be extreme heat temperatures, or other items around your piano might fall over and damage it. Anything can pose a threat. In a storage facility, the care of your piano is their top priority and they want you to feel comfortable about having your piano stored there.

Besides all of the technicalities and logistics of piano storage, one thing that is often overlooked is the knowledge of knowing that your piano is in good hands. If your piano means a lot to you or has been passed down in the family, you want to make sure that you are taking all the necessary steps to make sure it stays in perfect condition. Having peace of mind that you don’t have to worry about your piano will help make the decision to choose a storage facility a lot easier. Another thing to check with your facility is to see if they offer moving services to move your piano both in and out of the facility. Having movers that know what they are doing and having them able to help you maneuver and ensure the safety of your piano is an important step in storing it. They can help wrap and protect the piano for both the move and in the facility.

There are multiple reasons as to why your piano should be stored in the proper facility. It is important to keep its condition safe and in good care. Doing some research on storage facilities will help you make the decision of what you feel is best for your piano. If you have any questions or storage concerns, contact West Coast Moving & Storage today!