A storage unit is extremely helpful to have when moving or emptying space around the house.

However, there are several valuable items that cannot be kept inside a normal storage unit due to temperature fluctuations. Furniture, household appliances, instruments, and novelties are some examples of belongings that require a climate-controlled environment.

Here are 5 reasons why it is important keep your valuables in a climate-controlled storage facility.

Temperature Control

Climate-controlled storage facilities maintain a constant environment of 55°F to 85°F. Not storing your sensitive belongings inside of them can be detrimental to their general conditions. Freezing and thawing wood can cause wooden furniture and pianos to split, crack, and warp. The change in climate doesn’t only effect wood. Clothing, leather goods, documents, and other belongings are at risk of yellowing and degradation, if not stored in the right environment. Read the 10 things to leave out of a storage facility.


Mildew and mold can accumulate inside of a storage facility, if the amount of moisture in the air goes up. Effects of humidity include asthma, allergies, and overall poor health. Mold can also bend and crack wooden furniture. This is not the case if your belongings are kept at the sweet spot of 55°F of a climate-controlled storage facility. Also, this will keep bees, wasps, mice and other pests at bay.

Modern Storage Unit


Added surveillance is a snazzy benefit to having a climate-controlled storage facility. This extra layer of protection creates peace of mind, knowing that your storage unit is constantly monitored from theft and arson.


Climate control does go for a premium, but the benefits of renting a unit surely outweighs the cost. Guaranteed, the cost of storing your valuable items inside of a climate-controlled storage unit will be less than the cost of replacing damaged or stolen items that were stored inside of a regular storage unit.

Rule of Thumb

A good rule of thumb when trying to decide if you want to use a climate controlled facility is to first determine how delicate your items are. Then, evaluate their value. Whether that is a dollar amount or priceless memorabilia, identifying its value will help you make a better decision. Heirlooms, personal documents, pianos, furniture, and clothing are some examples of belongings to securely store.

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