It truly does take the right techniques and skills in order to complete a successful move without damaging the piano or injuring anybody.

It is shocking the amount of people who think they can perform a do-it-yourself (DIY) piano move with just a couple of buddies and a pickup truck. There are moving companies for a reason!

A piano is considered a specialty item in the moving industry. It has a lot of intricate parts that can easily be handled incorrectly and can be damaged. Professional movers understand the inner and outer workings of the instrument which helps them know to be extra cautious in certain moving situations. This also allows them to properly set the piano back up once the piano has been moved.

If you are considering doing a move on your own, here are some examples of why a DIY piano move can be dangerous.

Why DIY Piano Move Can Be Dangerous

The Hidden Costs of a DIY Move

Everybody understands that one of the main reasons people want to do a DIY move is to save the cost of paying to get your piano moved professionally. This is a totally understandable thought process but isn’t always accurate in the long run.

When doing a DIY move, you must purchase moving insurance to ensure that you are protected (if people are helping you and they get injured) and that the quality of your piano is protected, too. That’s an additional cost that is often overlooked but is crucial for your move.

Let’s say that you don’t get movers insurance and there are an accident and your piano gets scratched. The cost of repairing your damaged piano is going to be more than if you would have hired professionals in the first place…

Are You Looking Out for Your Own Safety?

Besides potentially “damaging” your bank account, let’s talk about the safety precautions that arise from a do-it-yourself move.

Have you ever tried to lift a piano just to see if you could do it or to see how heavy it is? (Please don’t attempt. We’re just trying to prove a point that it’s not light or easy to maneuver whatsoever).

It’s weight and shape should be more than enough to tell you that your piano is going nowhere without the proper tools, manpower, and expertise. For example, not everybody has moving pads, dollies, straps, and skid boards laying around to complete a move. Without the proper equipment or know-how onto using them, you can create all sorts of havoc.

Hiring Professional Movers is a Safe Bet

We recommend hiring professional movers when dealing with specialty items like pianos.

It is less hassle and works for you in the long haul. Also, the cost of paying movers to move your piano is lower than renting equipment, trucks or the cost of damages (especially if you don’t have piano insurance). Some things are just better left up to the professionals for everybody’s safety – yours and the piano’s.

For professional piano moving services in the Portland or Seattle metro areas, contact West Coast Piano! Our team of licensed and experienced movers is happy to help you throughout the entire process.