Are you starting the process of getting your house ready for your movers to come and get you into your new home? If you are using a full service residential moving company, then chances are good that they will be coming with supplies to help you pack up your belongings. However, there are items that during a move you should pack and move yourself. This way you can be confident that your belongings will be safe and you are the one responsible for them. Here are some items that we think you should move yourself:

Personal Documents: One of the most important things for you to handle yourself is your personal documents. This can be birth certificates, financial information, work information – anything that you think is considered confidential. Box it up, label it, and pack it in your car so you can be the one to transport it and unload it in your new house.

Jewelry: If you have any jewelry that has any value to it, pack it up and make sure that you place it somewhere where you will remember. That way if anything is misplaced, there will be no doubt that it is stolen or missing.

Antiques & Heirlooms: Have an antique lamp that your grandma gave you? Or what about a vintage oil painting passed down from generation to generation? Whatever antique stuff you may have, whether it has monetary value or sentimental value you should take that with you. You can pack it perfectly and you will take extra care knowing the meaning that it has to you. Not to say professional movers don’t handle everything with caution and care, but this will ensure that your items and safe and intact.

Medicine: An overlooked item that should actually be one of the main things you handle for yourself is medicine. If you or someone in your family takes a daily prescription, this should be transported only by you and be easily accessible. Make sure that whatever the medicine is you are following how it should be stored (refrigerated or not) and that you have enough.

Electronics: In this day and age it is almost unheard of for people to not have a cellphone, a laptop, or a tablet. Most of the time people have all three! When you have stuff of this value and that is considered fragile item, you should transport these electronics yourself. You could even transport your TV or other electronics you have to so you can have easy access once you get to your new house.

Photographs: One of the most valuable things that anybody can have is photographs. It is so important to pack them properly and to make sure they don’t get lost whatsoever. Take these with you so you know that they are secure and will not be lost. Not to mention that when packing them, you get to take a trip down memory lane.

Everybody has a different scenario and what some might consider to be valuable, others have no interest. Take the time to figure out which items you would prefer you transfer yourself or which items you want your movers to handle!

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