What Are Piano Caster Cups?

Piano caster cups are round wooden pieces that are placed underneath the wheels of your piano. They serve to protect the quality of your wheels and maintain a balanced surface for your piano.

They are mainly sought to provide protection to the flooring on which you keep your piano on. If you move your piano or there is a possibility for it to be dragged or repositioned, this can wreak havoc to laminate, tile, or hardwood floors. Piano caster cups are that extra layer of protection for your floors and can maintain the quality of your home.

Piano casters come in all different finishes and sizes, so mixing and matching is not an option. When you purchase new piano casters, you almost always have an option with choosing what you finish you want: black, natural wood, white. It can be a little trickier to find with used pianos. You may be able to find piano caster cups online through Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist. Just make sure to keep the piano make and model on hand.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use Piano Caster Cups

First, consider the alternative. Without piano caster cups, you place a greater risk on your flooring when the piano is rolling, being moved, or remaining idle on carpet.

We can refer you to remodeling companies that can repair your floors, but wouldn’t you rather invest that money elsewhere? Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure.

1. Protection from Floor Damage

Whether you notice it or not, the weight of the piano overtime will create indents into the flooring, Caster cups spread the distribution of the weight of the piano, which reduces the amount of pressure on your flooring.

2. Protection from Discoloration

Most piano wheels are made of brass, which does not corrode but the metal underneath will rust the coating and eventually come through. Piano caster cups will protect your floors from the rust and discoloration.

3. Stops Rolling

It is uncommon for a piano to roll, but it is not impossible. Caster cups will keep your piano in place, so that it doesn’t snag on the carpet or leave marks. Read our tips on how to move a piano without scratching the hardwood flooring.

4. Adds Elevation

Piano caster cups also provide an extra lift to your piano, giving it a more balanced feel when playing. This is especially helpful on a floor that has already experienced some sinking from the heavy pressure of the piano.

Piano caster cups under a grand piano

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