Have you sold your house and are planning on moving, but need to configure how to move your piano?

Or is your house being remodeled and you need to temporarily move your piano? There are many reasons as to why somebody might need to have their piano moved.

However, the complexity of the move can be determined by the type of piano you have.

As always, when moving, it is highly recommended to have professional piano movers involved, especially when you are dealing with large specialty pieces such as pianos. Usually, when you are discussing the details of your move with your movers, the first question they always ask is what kind of piano is it?

Piano Moving Techniques By Type

Depending on the type of piano that you have, there are different piano moving techniques on how to handle each one. Let’s discuss the differences on how to move an upright vs. moving a grand piano.

This can determine the difficulty of the move and the amount of manpower and tools they might need in order to complete the move safely and efficiently. Each piano and situation requires proper piano moving techniques.

Typically people will either have an upright/console piano or a grand piano. Unless we’re talking about an organ here, but not too many people have those in their houses!

How to Move an Upright Piano

Let’s start with how to move a console piano or upright piano.

First of all, how wide is a typical upright piano? The average width of an upright piano is about 5 feet, and usually around 45-50” tall. Specific upright piano dimensions can come into play when considering the layout of your space and the plan for moving your instrument.

Luckily uprights usually have wheels (piano casters), are typically smaller and more box-like in shape, and are easier to move than a grand piano is. That being said, unless you’re completely comfortable with your upright piano moving techniques you may want to consult a piano moving expert!

While moving professionals would be equipped to handle either a grand piano or an upright one, upright pianos tend to be easier to manipulate and maneuver through a house and into a moving truck. It also really depends on the layout of your house and how many stairs, landings, or levels that your home has. This all plays an intricate part on the piano moving process.

If you’re worried about your upright piano during your move, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Contact a professional upright piano mover to help!

Piano moving techniques for upright vs grand pianos

How to Move a Grand Piano

This is where it can get more complicated. Grand pianos are tricky and need more care and consideration when it comes to moving.

Obviously, the sheer size of a grand piano when it is in its full glory is not going to fit through any standard-sized door jam.

Experienced piano movers will properly remove the legs and get the piano on its side, using a dolly so it can be rolled to the moving truck.

A strap is needed to keep the piano lid shut and to prevent any damage to the piano or the people moving it. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to hire professional grand piano movers because they know how to properly handle the piano and help avoid injuries.

Movers also come equipped with the tools needed to get your piano from your house into the moving truck and onto its next destination safely.

Most people think that moving a piano is easy if you have enough people, but it does take some skill and basic piano knowledge in order to get the instrument moved properly. Grand pianos can weigh up to 800 pounds and need to be handled and moved carefully. It really has nothing to do with manpower!

Move Your Piano Safely

Moving a piano is no easy task, and depending on the type of piano you have can determine the complexity of the move.

Hiring professionals is always the right way to go, as they do this for a living and have the expertise and tools to move the instrument. Like mentioned earlier, the type of piano whether it is an upright or a grand piano plays a big factor in how the piano should be moved and what it takes to get the instrument properly transported.

Take the time to do research on your piano and with piano moving companies to find the right fit for you!