Are you thinking about moving to the Pacific Northwest? Tacoma is a beautiful, comfortable place to live. Whether you’re an avid outdoor adventurer, a city-dweller, or are just looking for a safe and scenic place to call home, Tacoma, Washington has a lot to offer.

Situated on Washington State’s breathtaking Puget Sound, just 32 miles from Seattle, Tacoma is a safe and well-appointed city of just over 200,000 residents. With scenic landscapes, family-friendly neighborhoods, ample outdoor recreation opportunities, and easy access to Seattle’s big-city amenities, what’s not to love?

Keep reading to find out why Tacoma is such a great place to live, and if it’s the right city to make your new home!

Why Tacoma Is a Great Place to Live

Nestled among some of the most breathtaking forests in the world, Tacoma is a beautiful mid-sized port city in Northwest Washington. Ideally situated just a 30-minute drive from both Seattle (Washington’s largest city) and Olympia (the state capital), Tacoma is in close proximity to all the amenities of a major city, but without a lot of the perceived drawbacks. It’s also an easy distance from Mount Rainier National Park, where you’ll find some of the most stunning landscapes and best outdoor adventures in the country.

So what are the most important things to know before moving to Tacoma? Let’s take a look at the city’s amenities, job opportunities, and neighborhoods!

Things To Do in Tacoma

Tacoma Washington

Each year, tourists from around the world travel to Seattle to enjoy the city’s amazing restaurants, activities, and landmarks, including the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Residents of Tacoma are just a short drive from Seattle’s food and art scene and big-city attractions. But you don’t have to drive up to Seattle to experience fantastic food, art, and culture. Tacoma has a lot to offer residents and visitors in its own right. Here are just a few places to start:

Tacoma’s Culture & Economy

Tacoma has a strong economy, consistent job growth, and a variety of public- and private-sector opportunities for residents. Like Seattle and the rest of Washington, Tacoma enjoys an unemployment rate significantly below the national average. The city’s top employers include Joint Base Lewis-McChord (a large military air base outside of the city), MultiCare Health System, the State of Washington, and CHI Franciscan Health.

The cost of living in Tacoma Washington is significantly lower than that of Seattle, but still above the national average. However, incomes also tend to be higher in Tacoma and the surrounding area, which offsets some of these additional expenses.

Tacoma’s Best Neighborhoods

Tacoma has an abundance of safe and charming neighborhoods to accommodate all ages, family situations, and lifestyles. Whether you’re a young, single adult in your early career; a family looking for a safe, walkable neighborhood; or you’re looking for a peaceful, beautiful place to retire, there’s a Tacoma neighborhood to suit your needs and preferences.

Here are some of Tacoma’s most beloved neighborhoods:

Moving to Tacoma, Washington: Facts & Figures

While you generally can’t judge a place by the numbers, they can still be helpful to know. Here’s a look at Tacoma, Washington’s key statistics:

  • Population: 217,827
  • Median age: 35.7 years
  • Cost of living index: 113.3
  • Median household income: $62,358
  • Median home value: $277,900
  • Median monthly rent: $1,539
  • Climate: Average summer highs (in July) reach approximately 77° F, while average winter lows (January) sit around 37°F
  • Average annual rainy days: 154

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Living in Tacoma: Pros & Cons

There are lots of advantages to living in Tacoma, Washington. But like with any place, there are also a few drawbacks. Below are some of the most commonly cited pros and cons of living in Tacoma.


  • Tacoma is close enough to Seattle that you can enjoy big-city amenities without the super-high rents, home prices, and cost of living.
  • You’re never far from the wild, unrestrained beauty of the Puget Sound, the Cascade Mountains, and the Pacific Ocean.
  • Tacoma is a safe, family-friendly city; it’s a great place to settle down.
  • There’s a lot to do in Tacoma and the surrounding area; from museums, to awesome local restaurants, to outdoor recreation, you’ll never run out of new adventures to have.


  • Like much of the Pacific Northwest, Tacoma doesn’t have a great deal of racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious diversity.
  • Living in the city, you’ll have to get used to lots of rain.
  • Tacoma is less walkable than Seattle, and there’s a fair amount of traffic during commute times.

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