Whether you believe in global warming or not, there is no denying that the weather this summer has been on fire! It seems like the hot weather just isn’t going away. which can be both good and bad. Throw in moving to the mix of the heat wave, and you need to be cautious of the dangers that it can bring. Here are some tips that we think will help everyone stay cool and be safe!

Hydrate: First and foremost it is important to be hydrated before the move and during the move. This is key in not having any heat-related health incidents to keep everybody involved in the move safe. If you have professional movers, then this includes them too! Have water bottles available for everybody so they are easily accessible.

Schedule: Make a moving schedule and stick to it. The mornings and the evenings are always cooler and therefore the best time to do all of the heavy work. Schedule the moving company to come out as early as they can, and if they can’t come super early, then try to have everything ready to go before they get there. That way you aren’t wasting the cool hours before the afternoon heat sets in, and you can save the unpacking for the hot temperatures.

Fans: Considering that you probably don’t want your air conditioning running on blast while you have all the doors open moving in and out, fans are the next best solution. Either pack them up in your car or have them easily accessible upon arrival at your new house and plug them in! Have them blowing in all of the rooms and keep all of the windows shut. Even though this isn’t as good as air conditioning, this is better than nothing and will help create some air movement within the house.

Break: Everyone wants their move to go quickly and efficiently so they don’t have to be spending multiple long days on the actual move. However, with a heat wave involved it isn’t a bad idea to take a break. Move everything from one house to the other as early as you can, sit out for the afternoon heat, and then continue once the sun has gone down. It may be an early morning and a long night but better than risking anybody getting heat stroke or overexerting themselves.

Summer is the most popular moving season. The weather is relatively reliable, kids are out of school, and its an easy transition time. Usually the summer in Oregon is absolutely gorgeous, without the scorching heat thrown into it. If you can avoid a summer move we recommend it, but not everything can be planned out so perfectly! We hope these tips give you a good idea to plan for your summer move in this heat wave. Have any other tips that you think will help? Let us know in the comments below!