The Holidays are in full swing around us! Christmas is here and before we know it, the New Year will already have come and passed.

Moving during the holiday season seems like the worse time to move but sometimes people don’t have a choice. This is the busiest time of year for everyone and it is important to plan your move while also being able to celebrate the holidays.

Here are some tips that will keep you on Santa’s nice list while moving during the holidays!

Plan, Plan, Plan

If you know that you are going to have to move during the holidays, you will need to get on the books of a moving company ASAP. They can be booked out for months at a time when it comes to this time of year and planning ahead will ensure that you will have experienced help from a quality moving company for your move. This is especially important if you are doing a long distance move.

Christmas Spirit

Just because you are moving during this time, doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate and honor your traditions! While you are packing you can listen to music, watch holiday movies, take time to make cookies, and whatever else you may do each year. Since you won’t have decorations or anything up for this year, that means that you can go all out next year to celebrate! Don’t forget Santa’s cookies either.

Christmas Cards

One of the best tricks that you can do is to double your Christmas card with your moving announcement. It is the perfect opportunity to let people know you have moved and your change of address. Everybody loves receiving Christmas cards and the yearly updates from friends and family. This will allow everyone to be up to date with your information while also enjoying your family pictures.

Santa Kneeling Before Christmas Tree and PresentsPacking

Even though we know you love your holiday lights, Christmas trees, and all the Santa’s you can imagine, it is best to not put up any decorations during this time. Most likely all of your stuff will already be in boxes with labels and will be easy to just transfer right to your new home. If your stuff isn’t as organized as you would like, take this opportunity to pack and organize and purge any stuff that you don’t need. Labeling your boxes that you use to store holiday decorations is a great idea and will help you be organized come next Christmas when you are looking for certain things. That way your house won’t look like Santa’s workshop.

Take your Time

Once you are at your new house, don’t rush to unpack everything and have it set up perfectly. Try to take the time to enjoy the holidays and try to keep your traditions alive especially if you have young children. Keeping a routine is important and will help them feel more comfortable in their new house! You can worry about setting up your new house once the holidays have passed. It’s important to take time and enjoy yourself and not be too overwhelmed or stressed!

Hopefully these tips will keep you on Santa’s good side as you navigate the stress of moving during the holidays. We understand that it is not ideal timing, but will help you start off the New Year in your new house!

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