When planning a long distance move, it is easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out.

You have to plan for the movers, your family, and your pets as well as the transportation and making sure your new home is ready to go. The list can drag on and on. That is why it is important to create a game plan as soon as you know you will be making a long distance move, whether it is within the same state or to a completely new one.

Throw in a monstrous-sized instrument in the mix and we have a party! Here are 3 safety tips for long distance piano moving.

Hire Professional Movers

One of the biggest moving mistakes that people make is thinking that they can do everything themselves.

They will rent trucks and vans, enlist their neighbors and family members to help them load up their stuff, and will make the trek to their new house without looking back. This can lead to injuries of yourself and people trying to help you, damage to your belongings and valuables, and frustration and negativity with your whole moving experience.

By hiring movers, you will be able to take a step back and not have to fret about packing up your stuff, renting a moving truck or having people risk injuring or damaging themselves or your belongings during the moving process. Not to mention packing and lifting boxes full of clothing is not the same as lifting a 500 pound piano.

Really consider hiring professionals before you decide to make the move on your own. It just might save you some pain and money in the long run!

Car Maintenance

If you do decide to do the move on your own, make sure your own cars and the moving truck/van you may have rented is completely up to date with its maintenance. The last thing that you want to deal with while you are moving is any car problems, which can put a sudden halt in your moving plan and who knows how long it will take to fix.

When driving your own vehicle, get the tires rotated, oil changed, and a little tune up right before your move. Depending on the time of year that you are moving, the weather can play a huge part in this too. Summer is the busiest season for moving but with that can come extreme heat. Moving in the winter is not ideal, especially if you live in more snow/ice prone areas which can be a threat when driving. Hopefully when you are renting/using a moving truck or van, it will be sturdy enough to safely transport your piano.

Take Extra Precaution When Packing

When packing and securing your piano for the drive, it is especially important to have the proper tools and take the proper precautions. Using straps, moving pads, and other items to secure your piano is crucial in helping it from not slide all over the place in the truck. Not to mention you don’t want the weight of a piano throwing off your equilibrium while you are driving. This will also preserve the condition and quality of your piano so you don’t show up to your new house with unexpected damages.

A good rule of thumb to always follow when moving is when in doubt, hire movers. This is their profession, they have the proper equipment, know the right techniques and will help make your whole moving process a lot smoother.


At West Coast Moving & Storage, we lend a professional hand in securely packing and moving pianos to Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho. We also provide climate controlled storage facilities for pianos to prevent any splitting, cracking or warping of the wood. Contact us today to receive a custom moving quote.