As PODS – or Portable On Demand Storage – have been gaining popularity, they are becoming more easily spotted in residential neighborhoods, outside office buildings, and in new construction sites.

PODS are used for temporary storage situations when people need some extra space to keep their belongings safe for a move, remodel or when they simply run out of space. But can you trust it for all of your moving purposes?

Piano moving is a tedious task that requires proper equipment, maneuvering, and vehicle for transportation. Whenever possible, hire professional piano movers to ease the process. Not only are they trained and skilled in handling pianos, they significantly reduce the likelihood of any risk or injury.

Read more to discover the 3 risks of piano moving with PODS.

1. Piano Safety

Storing and moving your piano in a POD might not be the best way to keep it safe and in its best condition. There is no guarantee that the piano will be secured properly or handled with care once in the POD.

When a piano is moved by professionals in their moving trucks, they have the proper tools, knowledge and supplies to get your piano moved from your current house, into their truck and either to a storage unit or its next location. They will have the right straps, pads, and tools in order to secure the piano in the truck for transport and will be able to properly unload and reconfigure it in its new location. It is crucial that the piano is packed carefully and in the right way.

2. Certified & Insured

Always hire movers that have demonstrated that they have the training and understanding to complete the job, with the utmost safety, accuracy, and time efficiency.

Not being provided with the proper insurance or contract forms only puts your belongings at more risk from potential theft or property damage. Certified companies will guarantee their insurance claims and that they are registered to run and operate a business. Does your PODS insurance policy cover pianos? If not, you may be jeopardizing your precious instrument.

3. Transportation

Moving a piano is a heavy duty task that requires more than just brute strength.

If you are storing a piano inside of PODS unit, make sure to pack it nice and tightly so that all of your belongings will remain in good condition during and after the move. Careful not to overload it with all of your other valuable assets. A damaged PODS unit will cost more than a piano, which is already expensive to begin with.

Do you find your PODS unit already overstuffed? Consider moving your piano into a separate, climate controlled storage facility. The benefit of doing this allows you to free up storage space for other items and achieve peace of mind, knowing that your piano is safely secured and monitored by a professional company.

About West Coast Piano Moving & Storage

When moving and transporting a piano, we always emphasize the importance of hiring professional piano movers. They know what they are doing and will help give you peace of mind in knowing your piano is in safe hands. On top of that, they will be able to secure and transport it almost flawlessly. They do it for a living!

Don’t get mad at yourself for not packing the piano safe and snug in a PODS unit. They are not a bad option when you are needing to move or temporarily store stuff, but in regard to piano moving we would avoid this option!

Have any questions about our piano storage services? Feel free to contact us and we can walk through the process with you!