No matter how much you try to plan your life out, sometimes things just happen that are out of your control. This could be anything from a new job, going back to school, moving home to be closer to family— the options are endless.

When this happens, it can sometimes mean that you have to move unexpectedly and on a short time frame. You don’t always get plenty of time to plan, organize, strategize, and pack for a move.

So how do you do it when you are in a time pinch? 

3 Quick Moving Tips

Here are some quick moving tips to make your life easier when packing in a hurry!

1. Purge Your Belongings

One of the best ways to make packing and moving easier is to immediately start purging things that you no longer need. There is no point in wasting time packing and unpacking stuff that you have no intention of keeping in your new home or plan on replacing eventually.

Start going room by room and eliminating what you absolutely know you do not need. You can also take the opportunity to simultaneously pack while you are doing this to kill two birds with one stone.

The more that you thoroughly go through and organize before your move the better you will be in the second half of the move when you get to your new house and start to unpack. This may seem more time consuming, but it will be worth it in the long run.

2. Hire Movers With Packing Services

Hiring movers could be the best decision that you can make for a last minute move and when you are truly in a hurry. Hiring a moving company will free you up to handle other moving arrangements for your move while the movers do the packing.

The only hiccup that can happen when you are trying to plan a quick move is that moving companies may not have the availability that you need— it really depends on the time of year.

Certain moving companies offer packing and unpacking services which can immensely help your timeline stay on track. They can even provide supplies for packing and moving so you don’t have to worry about acquiring boxes and bubble wrap.

This gives you ample time to iron out the remaining details that play a part in moving (change of address, school enrollment, etc.). For last minute packing to move, utilizing the services that professional movers can provide you will be a huge time saver!

Someone in a time crunch looking at their watch3. Packing Organization

Instead of just throwing everything in to boxes and hoping to sort out the confusing mess in your new home, try to keep your things as organized and together as possible when packing to move in a hurry. It is easy when you are last minute packing to move to try and rush through everything but if you take your time in the beginning, it will be worth it on the other end.

Go room by room and label each box appropriately so when you are unpacking you will be able to settle in as soon as possible. If you are moving in a hurry, most likely you are moving quickly for a reason. Being organized in the beginning will help you know where everything is— reducing stress and helping you get ready for whatever you are moving for.

We hope these quick moving tips will make your life easier as you plan for how to pack to move in a hurry, which is not always the easiest, stress-free situation!

Typically moves take time and careful planning but circumstances don’t always work out perfectly. Hire movers to use your own time wisely, purge your unneeded belongings to reduce packing time, and organize everything you are moving as best as possible when you’re last minute packing to move.

West Coast Moving, Packing, & Storage Services

We understand that getting your things organized for a move can be stressful, especially when you’re moving in a hurry!

At West Coast Moving & Storage, we offer helpful packing services that let you focus on the other arrangements a move requires. We’ll bring the supplies, and keep your belongings expertly organized.

Whether you’re planning a future move or needing to move quickly, reach out to us and we’ll work with you to provide the best moving and packing services possible.