Are you moving soon and have a piano that needs to be moved also?

This is often an overlooked part of a move and is one of the most important details to handle! It is crucial to plan for a move that involves a piano and to make sure your moving company knows ahead of time.

Depending on your house and where your piano is within the house can make it either easier or more difficult. There are several different steps that can be taken to make the move easier and as to prep the piano to get it ready for a move.

How do professional movers prepare a piano for moving? And is there stuff that you can do to prepare it too?

Read on to learn piano moving techniques that our professional piano movers use!


If there is anything on your piano or surrounding your piano that will make it difficult for it to be moved, start by eliminating this stuff and removing anything from on or around the piano. This could be picture frames, books, or any other decorative items that you have.

This way, the movers won’t have to remove stuff themselves or wait for you to do it once they are there.

Plan & Clear Your Route

When movers come into your house to move a piano, they are taking notes on all things like stairs, levels, and turns that they might have to encounter while moving the instrument.

Rugs are also an overlooked hazard that should be dealt with before movers come. If you have any pieces of furniture that might block or hinder their way, movers will be able to help move any heavy pieces to help make a clear path.

If you have young children or dogs that could get under the movers’ feet, try to either put them in a separate part of the house or just make sure that they will not get in the way of the movers as this could cause injury to the children, movers or even the piano!

piano keys

Piano Moving Supplies & Techniques

In addition to clearing your space and moving path, a piano still must be prepped to be able to move out the door and unto a moving truck safely.

Our professional movers utilize the following tools & techniques when prepping & moving pianos:

  • Piano mover straps ensure that the piano is strapped and closed so nothing can fly open in the process (this accounts for both major types of pianos).
  • Piano padding is used to protect the finish and body of the piano during the process and in the moving truck.
  • Pianos are usually moved with dollies and moving planks to help ease the weight and pressure off the movers.
  • When preparing a grand piano to move, this usually involves taking the legs of the piano.

Each piano is unique and may require additional steps to ensure its safety during a move. Different techniques are used when preparing an upright vs. grand piano for moving.

Why You Should Consider Professional Piano Movers

For as much work as professional movers have to put in preparing a piano, you would need to do the same for your instrument and house also.

The more work that is done in the beginning means the less work in the end and the chance of any damage or accidents happening becomes extremely low. It is always recommended to hire professionals and not attempt to do a piano move on your own. They can be dangerous and difficult if not handled properly.

Piano movers will have everything on hand and ready for whatever your move might need. When movers come into your home they will map out the best way for them to get the piano out of the house with the equipment that they have. Each piano is different and so is each home. Our professional piano movers have plenty of experience and expertise in the best way to get a piano out of a home, into the moving truck, and to its next destination safely.

If you are not sure the best way to prep your instrument or home, give us a call and we can walk you through what is needed to be done to have an efficient and successful move!