How to Donate a Piano & Change A Life

Do you have a piano that is sitting in your garage or a spare room that you no longer want but you are not sure how to get rid of it?

There could be multiple reasons as to why you don’t want to keep the piano— maybe you don’t want to put the effort into restoring it and bringing it back to life or you flat out just don’t want it. It is also common to have an older piano in the home and upgrade to a new one, but what to do with the old one?

Regardless, there are options in how to get rid of a piano that no longer fits your needs.

The answer is to donate your piano.

Donating your old piano is an amazing way to give back to a community, making music available to schools, kids, and families that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford an instrument.

Process of Donating a Piano

There are plenty of different organizations all over the United States that accept old and damaged pianos.

Play It Forward accepts gently used pianos in working condition and ready for use by students, teachers, and music programs in need throughout the community. You can see more information on their website

Once these foundations take in and restore your piano, they have multiple different ways in which your donated piano can work wonders. The foundation initially started with the lack of school funding and the realization that Portland schools needed pianos! Schools are still a top priority for donations, but they also do more focused stuff with families who have signed up to receive a piano if they cannot afford one for their children.

Piano Removal Services

Moving companies like West Coast Piano will partner with different foundations like these to help with the pickup and removal process.

If you make the call that you have a piano you want to donate, movers will be scheduled. Our professional movers then come pick up your piano and transport it to the Snowman Foundation where restoration begins. From there, it makes its way to its new home!

Piano Disposal and Recycling

Unfortunately, some pianos are too far beyond repair or restoration for them to be utilized again. There is a recycle and disposal service that it will be taken too if it is deemed not playable.

Now if you just want to get rid of your piano altogether, you can call and schedule a pickup from our movers and we take your piano off your hands to be disposed of!

Child playing on donated piano


Donate Your Old Piano

Donating is an amazing option that will give other children and families the opportunity to live a life with music. Pianos are expensive and can be really difficult for a family to afford and by providing an opportunity like this for a child who genuinely wants to learn is an amazing way to give back.

For more information on the Snowman Foundation, you can visit their website You can also call West Piano Coast Moving and Storage for any disposal/donation questions that you have in regards to pianos.

Don’t pass up on a great opportunity like this to bring some magic and music into a child’s life.