Pianos are beautiful and very delicate instruments. Even though they are extremely large, their insides are so fragile and the smallest tweak can ruin its sound. When moving a piano, you have to be very gentle and careful to make sure that nothing is damaged both on the outside and the inside of the piano. Often when people are moving they tend to forget that they have a specialty item such as a piano, and yes it is considered a specialty item. It’s shocking how many last minute calls movers get when they need their pianos moved! One common mistake that people make when they need to move their piano is moving it on their own. Even though it may seem easy and might save you some money, it could end up having some damaging repercussions in the end.

First off like we mentioned earlier, pianos are large and delicate at the same time. Not wanting to damage or harm the piano in any way while you are moving it seems like common sense. But have you thought about damaging or hurting yourself? Or somebody else? It just takes one false step or one over judgment of your strength for the piano to come tumbling down. It is not uncommon for pianos to be dropped on feet and toes or to even trap a whole person underneath it. So what can be done to avoid any serious injuries or damage to your beloved piano? Do not move it yourself. There are professional piano movers for a reason. They are highly trained and have years of experience moving the specialty items in order to prevent accidents from happening. They also come equipped with the proper supplies like dollies, move straps, moving pads, and truck lifts to secure the piano in the truck. I don’t know about you, but I just don’t have a truck with a lifted tailgate laying around. These simple tools make the move that much easier and safer to have the professionals do it.

Black Grand Piano in Modern HomeOne of the main reasons why people try to move their pianos on their own is cost. What they don’t think is the potential cost they might have to pay if their piano is damaged or if somebody is injured in the process of moving. The headache and the hassle of dealing with these potential issues will end up costing and stressing you out way more than just simply hiring movers ever would. Start doing research on moving companies to make sure you are working with one that is properly insured and has the right experience for your move. Not to mention, moving a piano is probably cheaper than what you think it would be. Sometimes trying to save a few dollars here and there isn’t always the best solution and can be more work for you in the end. There are moves that sometimes even professionals have a hard time with. We have used cranes and other unique forms of trying to get a piano safely and properly moved. There is no way that somebody should just try to handle that on their own.

If you have any questions or concerns about moving your piano feel free to contact us anytime and we would love to talk to you!