Every single person has something that is special to them.

For some people, their TV is their most valued item. Others may think that their grandmother’s heirloom piano is more valuable. Regardless of what your fragile items may be, it is important to pack and move them cautiously in order to preserve their quality and condition. Specialty movers are the best option when handling fragile items, as they are properly trained and experienced.

Here are 5 tips for packing and moving fragile items:

Packing Supplies

Depending on what you are needing to securely pack, you will need the proper packaging supplies in order to ensure your fragile items will remain intact.

Certain items will need bubble wrap, moving peanuts, and wrapping to pack them properly. It is important to notify your movers of your fragile items, so they can always be aware to handle them with extra care.

If you are moving larger fragile items, consider hiring professional movers. They will be able to provide moving pads that can help pack pianos and furniture pieces. Large bubble wrap is also helpful when packing stuff. A good trick is when you know you are going to move, start saving old newspapers so you can give an extra layer of protection by individually wrapping everything.

Man Sealing Fragile Item in Moving Box

Proper Packing

Utilize your packing supplies by properly packing your moving boxes.

Start by lining your boxes with any packing supplies that you may have. Whether is lining the boxes with bubble wrap or starting with a layer of moving peanuts. You can use the tip from above with the newspaper to give an extra cushion by individually wrapping everything. The more cushion the better especially when dealing with glass or other breakable goods.

Take Matters into your Own Hands

Move items yourself, if you find that these belongings are extra special or fragile.

You know how much they mean to you, so what better person to handle them then yourself? Keeping them in your possession and in your own car will also help to make sure that nothing is lost or misplaced in the move. Besides breakables, take specialty items like jewelry and personal documents with you so nobody else has the opportunity to take or see anything.

Safely Pack Electronics

Sometimes setting up your TV may seem more complicated the second time around, especially after packing your electronics for a move.

Take pictures of your electronics so you can reference back to make sure you are connecting everything right. Wrap laptops, TVs, computers, iPads, and other electronic devices with proper cushioning to preserve their conditions. You also will want to have this stuff readily available to you once you begin unpacking, so make sure to accurately label moving boxes.

Avoid Overpacking

When you are packing fragile and valuable items, you will want to put like-things together.

You are packing the boxes in order to ensure the quality of your items and it seems like the easiest solution to pack everything together. A common mistake is overpacking boxes which can lead to an imbalanced and weak base of the box. The last thing that you want to deal with is carrying a box and having the bottom give out resulting in all of your valuables broken and on the floor. Even though it may take more time and effort to pack these things, you will be glad when you are at your new house and everything is intact.


Hopefully these few tips will help you during your packing process. It is important to take precaution when packing valuables and fragile items so you can be sure everything remains in the same condition it left in. Labeling anything that is fragile is also important for your movers so they know to take extra care when moving your belongings.

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