Tis the season! Thanksgiving is over – we’ve eaten all the turkey and pumpkin pie that we can handle and now it’s time for the Christmas celebrations to commence. Some people go all out for Christmas, with lights everywhere and decorations on almost every surface while others don’t even put up a tree! Regardless if you are Santa’s little helper or the Grinch, we have some tips that will help make packing and storing your holiday decorations much easier!


One of the most common decorations for Christmas (besides the actual tree itself) are lights. You have ones that go on your house, in your yard, on your Christmas tree, on your staircase, and on your mantle. The list can go on and on! It is very common for people to just throw their stuff all in one box and hope that next year for Christmas that they can find what they need and not have a tangled mess. Instead, it is best practice to wrap your lights around a piece of plastic or cardboard to keep them all straight and tangle free. There are also gadgets you can use that work like a garden hose holder where you can wheel your lights without causing damage or breaking any.

Assorted Christmas Ornaments


Ornaments can be fragile and have a lot of value if they have been passed down from relatives or have special meaning to them. Having special boxes that hold and secure multiple ornaments is the best way to pack and store them. When you buy ornaments and keep them in their original boxes, usually they don’t hold that many which leads to you having to have multiple little boxes that take up more room in your storage boxes. By having pre-divided specific ornament boxes you are saving valuable space for packing your stuff away. This makes packing and unpacking your Christmas decorations less of a hassle.


Having all of your boxes and decorations properly labeled will save you so much time and stress when you are trying to get your decorations up. If you have multiple trees or stuff that you put up based on each room, make your labels so specific that you can be able to grab a particular box and start getting the decorations up room by room. If you add new decorations, edit your labels so they can be as accurate as possible for years to come!

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At the end of the season when you are packing everything away and want to get it done in a hurry, remember that you want the unpacking process to be as easy as possible for next Christmas. Take the time to make sure everything is in the proper place and to label each thing correctly. You’ll thank yourself next year!

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