You Can’t Do it All On Your Own…

Pianos are not easy to move. They are big, oddly shaped, and very heavy. Finding a moving company who is able to handle a piano is just the first step. Once your Portland piano movers are contracted, you will need to do a little preparation before they arrive:

  1. Remove decorations-  often, pianos are showcases for our family photos, houseplants, etc. Be sure to remove all of these items and store them away so the movers won’t have to do extra work.
  1. Check the piano- you know your movers will take utmost care of your instrument, but check it over to make sure you know where its been scratched, dinged, or chipped beforehand. You might even want to take photos of the piano, just in case you need to make a claim to an insurance company.
  1. Consider cost- the cost of moving a piano can vary widely. Your moving company can determine the cost based on whether you have a grand, baby grand, or an upright piano. Of course, you will also need to inform your movers that you have a piano if they are taking care of the rest of your house, too.two movers moving a grand piano out of a house
  1. Clear a path- make sure you move any furniture out of the way prior to the movers arriving. This will make life easier for everyone and put your mind at ease when they maneuver your instrument towards the door. If the piano needs to go over wood flooring, consider purchasing some plastic mats to create a path for the piano to roll over – this is particularly helpful for an upright piano, which is relatively narrow and often wheeled.
  1. Secure the piano- before the movers arrive, you will want to secure the keyboard cover by locking it down. The top will also need to be secured so that neither pops open mid-move. If the keyboard cover or piano lid doesn’t lock, you may need to strap them shut. The exact geometry of your piano will determine how to best do this. If in doubt, contact the movers and ask their advice.

Rest assured, West Coast Moving and Storage knows how to move a piano! Contact us online or call us today at (503) 477-5057 for more information.