Living on the Oregon coast can be idyllic. But, it’s important to know what life’s like on a daily basis so you can make wise-for-you choices and plan appropriately. To support that, we’ve compiled some info to kick off your research.


Pros & Cons of Living on the Oregon Coast

As with anywhere else, you might be considering for your next home sweet home, the Coast is a rich, complex, varied area. This swath of Oregon is peppered with all kinds of towns, nature, people, and amenities. Let’s take a look at some of the positive and negative aspects of coastal life.


The Good

  • Surrounded by beauty.
    There’s no doubt that the Oregon coast is stunning. Every which way you look is a breathtaking vista! Plus, with nearby mountains and forests as well as beaches and ocean, it’s a really interesting landscape.
  • Lots of recreational opportunities.
    Sailing, swimming, hiking, cycling, camping, kite flying, shopping, picnicking, pub crawling…. The list goes on and on; boredom does not.
  • Improved health.
    People who reside by the coast are more likely to exercise more often and experience less pollution. Furthermore, it’s suggested that “vitamin sea” can contribute to health benefits like better sleep, improved mood and lower rates of obesity, heart disease and stress.
  • Community.
    Many settled areas along the coast are small, tight-knit enclaves. People know each other; your grocer, doctor and kids’ teachers are your neighbors and friends. It can be a lovely, inclusive environment in which to live.
  • Slower-paced life.
    If you’re seeking a more relaxed existence, this is sure to be a pro for you. Being on the coast, you’re removed from much of the hustle and bustle that goes with city or suburban dwelling.
  • Yummy seafood.
    Fresh fish takes on a whole new level of meaning!


The Not So Good

  • Tourists.
    Everyone LOVES the coast, and Oregon’s is particularly fantastic. This means you’re going to have to contend with visitors. Having a transient population can change the vibe of your town and even bring other potential problems.
  • Limited resources.
    Because coastal towns are often smaller and more rural, they tend to have less infrastructure and fewer essential services. (This has been highlighted recently in relation to access to medical care for coronavirus patients.)
  • Far from urban hubs.
    You want to get to a major airport or hospital, shopping center, or selection of vibrant cultural venues (theaters, clubs, bars, restaurants, museums, etc.), you’re going to have to drive a bit.
  • Exposure to elements and extreme weather.
    While sea breezes can be a good thing, too much can wreak havoc on your home and body. Coastal dwellers need to be mindful of sand, mildew, mold, salt damage, and erosion.
  • Cost of living.
    Coastal real estate — which can carry an air of prestige — can be more expensive to buy. On top of the location premium, coastal property frequently needs diligent preventive maintenance in order to avoid costly repairs.
  • Extreme economic cycles.
    Coastal towns — because they’re often so reliant on tourism — can have major business highs and lows. Seasonality, pandemics, and other factors influence both the tourism and the flow of money.


Oregon Coast view of Haystack Rock from adirondack chairs outside beach home


Best Oregon Coast Towns

These coastal towns regularly make the “Top Towns” lists. And for good reason. If you’re establishing a home base on the Oregon coast, be sure to explore these gems. They’re great for settling down in or simply visiting.


Top 5 Towns On The Oregon Coast

These charming towns boast something for everyone, wrapped in beautiful surroundings, and topped with a touch of individual personality.

  • Astoria
  • Florence
  • Cannon Beach
  • Depoe Bay
  • Seaside


Also Great Coastal Towns

If the best of the best aren’t for you, perhaps one of these other delightful towns could be your future home?

  • Yachats
  • Bandon
  • Gold Beach
  • Manzanita
  • Neskowin
  • Newport
  • Honorable mention: Coos Bay, Lincoln City, Pacific City, Rockaway Beach


Things To See & Do On The Oregon Coast

There never has to be a dull day when you call the Coast home. Whether you’re a quiet introvert type or a gregarious outdoorsy adventurer, there’s no shortage of activities and entertainment. (However, sitting on a beach doing nothing but staring out to sea is a perfectly amazing and acceptable pastime, too!)

Aside from the recreational opportunities we mentioned above, here are some more fun things you can do along the Oregon coast:

  • Go whale watching.
  • Sample local food (marionberry pie!) and drink (craft beer!).
  • Follow the Oregon Film Trail.
  • Take a scenic drive.
  • Try your luck at a casino.
  • Attend some festivals and farmers’ markets.


The Oregon coast is also well-known for some of its magnificent locales. Be sure to check out these landmarks:

  • Haystack Rock. (Cannon Beach) This mammoth sea stack, and its kin, are spectacular.
  • Astoria Column. (Astoria) Go on a clear day for expansive, 360-degree panoramic views from the top.
  • Dunes. (Winchester Bay area) These are rolling sandy dunes. Enjoy exploring them in a buggy!
  • Watson and Toketee Waterfalls and Umpqua Hot Spring. (Umpqua National Forest) Oregon is blessed with gorgeous falls and beckoning thermal pools all over. Some of the best are near the coast!
  • Lighthouses. Of the 11 working beacons along the coast, several are open to the public to tour.


Oregon Coast Hug Point


Living Life To Its Fullest On The Oregon Coast

Knowing the pros and cons of living on the Coast and understanding the ebb and flow of coastal life — before you commit to moving there — is a smart idea.

That said, the Oregon coast presents so many soul-satisfying possibilities. There are so many wonderful towns to live in or visit. Similarly, coastal life teems with things to do and see. If relocating to the Coast captures your imagination, it’s definitely worth exploring!


Moving to the Oregon Coast

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