When it comes to moving time, most people using Portland moving companies are thinking about how much they can pack inside the truck or in their boxes without overhauling. However, it is also good to think about which items should not go into the truck. Here are some things to be aware of when packing:

Safety First
Safety is always job number one with any moving company. We make sure our employees are safe with your items and with themselves. With that in mind, it is important to pack for safety, too. So, be sure to leave behind any volatile cleaning chemicals or anything flammable. This will include any ammunition, fireworks, and matches. This is good advice all year-round, but it is all the more important to pack for safety in the sunny months. Even on a cool day, the sun can heat up a truck to very high temperatures, increasing the danger of fire or combustion. We can also move grills, but be sure to disconnect the propane first.

Nowadays, we have so much invested in our electronic storage devices. So, be sure to keep any hard drives, thumb drives, or other sensitive electronics in a climate-controlled car. We are happy to pack your desktop or laptop computer, but you may want to remove the hard drive first. If you need any help with this, consult your local computer technician who is happy to remove the drive for safe keeping. Ask your favorite computer genius for a Mylar bag or other optimal storage material so that you can keep the drive with you, in your car. Before the move, you may also wish to upload your most sensitive documents and files to cloud storage so they are sure to be safe.

While we strive to make every move as fast and efficient as possible, it is a great idea to keep your most sensitive documents with you. Keep a folder with all of the children’s most vital information, your new home information including the lease, title, etc., and any health-related documents you might want to keep handy. You do not want to find yourself in a position where you need these things, only to remember that they’re deep in the truck…somewhere. This also gives you quick access to these items when it comes time to unpack.

Finally, see if you can carry your houseplants with you. They are not insured to ride in the truck and the dark and heat of the back may be too much for them. Keep them in a well-ventilated, sunny backseat for safekeeping during the move. However, if the move is too far and your car is overloaded, see if friends might like to adopt your green friends.

Check out our moving tips for a complete list of what to pack and what not to pack. For more information, contact us online or give a call at (503) 234-2226 today!