Moving is never an easy task, but you can make the best of it by being prepared. One of the easiest and most straightforward things you can do is make a checklist. Here are some of our tips from moving hundreds of people that we think will help you:

Do your Research

Research moving companies by getting referrals from friends, searching the web for reviews, interviewing moving companies and asking the right questions and checking with the BBB. Make sure your moving company is insured and do your due diligence when you research their insurance policy. Never make payments in advance to the moving company, and make sure there is good communication throughout the whole process.

Sort and Purge

You will save yourself time and money if you start this process early. Make a few categories: donations, move to new home, throw away, etc. Make sure you stick to these! Moving is time for the ultimate spring cleaning. You can arrange for a donation truck to pick up those belongings you wish to bestow on someone else or you can have a garage sale to get rid of other items while making some extra cash.

Inventory and Label

Make an inventory of what you are moving based on each room. You do not have to go down to the minute detail, but this is a good step to keep you and the movers organized based on what goes where. When labeling, it is a good idea to keep like items together, for example, all kitchen items in the same box. This may seem like common sense, but what usually happens when people get toward the end of packing is they throw various items that don’t belong together in the same box. This leads to a nightmare when it comes time to unpack, and it’s also confusing for the movers who need to know specifically what to put where.

Get a Moving Binder

This is a great place to put everything you need immediately following a move. This can be things like medical records, school records, current bills and more. If you are switching schools and doctors, then this is a great time to send for your updated records and get them switched over. This is also a great location to keep your moving expenses so you can stay organized for tax time.

Use Perishables

If you are moving any great distance, it’s a good idea to use up your perishable items. If you are moving down the road and can pack items with ice in coolers, then don’t worry as much about this step.

Make a ‘Car Box’

It’s a good idea to keep very valuable items with you during the move. Even in the most careful of situations, it is a risk to put someone else in charge of irreplaceable items like jewelry. Keep cash, checks, the aforementioned valuables and other items like house plants or valuable art/mirrors in the car with you as you move.

Tie Up Loose Ends

You will want to submit for a Change of Address with the Post Office, fill any prescriptions you may need as you transition, confirm arrangements with your movers for the day-of and pack a suitcase for you and all members of your family so you will have fresh clothing for at least a week as you get situated in your new home.

Check out our moving blog for more helpful tips or contact us for more information today!