You’re planning to move and you want to pack everything, right? That’s the whole idea – to take all of your stuff, sort it, and then move it to a new location. However, there are certain items that need to be packed for the movers and other items that you may need to take in your car. Portland moving companies see all sorts of things, and we want to see your move go as smoothly and safely as possible. Here are some items that you should pack for your movers:


Clothes are a good place to start because so often this is an area where you have excess. Sort through all of those outdated items and see what you can send off to Goodwill or Salvation Army. If you plan on having a garage sale, assess the value of each piece as you find it or sort the clothes into general price categories. Wardrobe boxes are also the best way to pack your clothes. They come with sturdy hangers inside, and you can pack everything inside without wrinkling.


Portland is a real book town, so our moving company has seen some of the biggest bookworms Multnomah County has to offer. While we love moving books, moving is also a time to figure out which books to part with and which to keep. So, sort through your collection. See what books your friends might like and share them. There may be special editions you wish to keep, so pack them in an upright position. Don’t lay them flat in the box, because that will compromise their spine. Stand the books as though they were on a shelf then label the box so that the books don’t get placed on their side. Something else we see a lot are huge boxes filled to the brim with books. This can be hard on your moving company and cause the boxes to break. Fill smaller boxes with books, and larger boxes with things like pillows and sheets.

Kitchen Items

In the kitchen, pack all of your plates, appliances and silverware well in advance. Moving companies can pack these items for you or offer advice on how to best protect special items, such as fine crystal and china. Most appliances should be fairly easy to pack, and hopefully you still have the original boxes they came in. That is always the best. Barring that, if your box is oversized, fill in the extra space with packing materials or other soft, shock-absorbing materials.

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