Moving out of state is quite the adventure. Whether you are moving for a new job, to be closer to family, or to just get a complete change of scenery, it is an adjustment. Besides the fact of actually moving to a completely new area you have to plan 10 times more than if you were just moving across town. When you start thinking of all the things that you need to get down before the move and to even get ready for the move life can quickly become overwhelming. Here are 5 stress free tips to help when moving out of state:

Pre-Plan by Making Lists

Start early and be thorough. As soon as you know that you are going to be making this huge change start making detailed lists of everything you need to accomplish. A great tip is to make separate lists for each specific thing. That way one huge list won’tt overwhelm you too much and you will feel like you are accomplishing more (this is a great tip, not just for moving but with anything you might need to do in general). Make a list for everything you need to accomplish in order to get your house ready to sell, make a list for all of the technical/crucial stuff you need to do, and make a list for everything you need for your new house.

Travel Plans

It is also important to plan on how you are going to get to your new home. Are you going to road trip or fly? How far you are moving, if you have pets or young children, or you don’t want to ship your cars can all be factors in planning how you are going to get yourself there. Make a list for everything you need to accomplish before you move in regards to your travel plans. Maybe you can turn your move into a road trip and can take your time getting to your destination and sight-seeing along the way. This is especially a good idea to help relieve stress and make your move more enjoyable. Also, if you have kids, it can turn a move they might not be too excited for into an exciting adventure.

Who Can Help?

When starting to plan your out of state move, it is important to start researching moving companies as soon as you know the details, locations, and dates. Who will be the best person for this job? What are you looking for in a long-distance moving company? Picking out the right choice will take some effort and research. You will need to know what services you are wanting them to provide and to ensure that they are properly licensed for across state move.

Less is More

With any move, it is crucial that you begin purging your belongings. No matter how organized and simplistic your life may be, there is always stuff that people can get rid of. When moving out of state, it is important that you start going through all of your stuff and eliminating what you don’t need. By doing this, you will help make packing easier, have less stuff that needs to be transported, and have less stuff to start with in your new house. One of the best tips to always remember is less is more and it’s a great way to show the beauty of your new house! Plus an easy way to get rid of some of your stuff is a garage sale, which can also help you make some cash on the side!

Move-In Day

Once the day is here and you have made your way to your new location make sure that everything is ready to go. Plan ahead and call your new cities water, gas, electricity, and your cable company so you can come into your new home with running water and heat/air conditioning depending on the time of year you are moving. This will make your transition smoother and ease the stress of moving. Plus this way you can stop and buy groceries on your way into town so you can have some food to eat!

Sometimes there are just too many good tips to only condense into five. So here is a sixth bonus tip!

Packing your Car

Take time when packing your car and preparing to move. Of course take time to pack your valuables whether they are sensitive documents or jewelry, or other family heirlooms, make sure those items are going personally with you. However, something often overlooked is when you are moving is to take things that you will need the day of moving. Pack shower curtains, towels, toiletries, overnight bags, kitchen utensils, and whatever else you feel like you may need on those first couple of days. Unfortunately sometimes you may not be on the same timeline as your moving truck so you won’t have access to everything that you packed away in the truck. This is a great way to plan and prepare for moving day!

It is exciting to be moving to a new location and to begin a new adventure. As stressful and overwhelming that it may seem, you will be at ease following these tips and keeping yourself organized and on top of everything! When you are ready to make that move, the team at West Coast Moving and Storage can help you get there safely!