As if moving cross-country weren’t stressful enough, now you also have to deal with COVID-19. Don’t worry, though — it’s entirely possible to move safely and successfully during the pandemic. You just need to arm yourself with information and tips and take appropriate precautions. Having trained, professional movers, like West Coast Moving (who’s also invested in your and our team’s safety), is also a huge help.


Pandemic-Specific Moving Safety

Because coronavirus is a socially transmissible illness, moving safely during the pandemic is a collaborative effort. We need to help one another protect our health and wellbeing.


Our Safety-First Policy

On our part, we have established stringent operating procedures based on local guidelines and CDC recommendations. All of our staff and movers wear face masks (that fully cover their mouths and noses); our movers also wear gloves. Furthermore, they maintain a six-foot separation from you and each other. We adhere to these best practices the whole time we’re working with you — during the initial consultation, when packing up your belongings, and as we’re moving you out of your old home and into the new one.


COVID-19 Safety: We’re In This Together

We ask that you follow safety protocols as well when engaging with our staff and movers. Proper face covering is required when you’re at our office and should be worn when our movers are in your home. The CDC also suggests opening your windows to increase ventilation, while we’re in your home packing and moving your possessions, can lower COVID-19 risks.


Safe Travels Amid Coronavirus

Moving across the country likely means you’ll be traveling during the pandemic. If you’re able to make that trek by car, that’s probably your best option. Just be mindful to use good judgment and coronavirus safety precautions when you’re in restaurants, hotels, etc. en route. If you do have to fly or take public transportation, the CDC offers these smart travel during COVID-19 tips.

West Coast Moving team wearing masks for covid-19 safety

General Moving Safety

You’ve got all the bases covered when it comes to minimizing the risks of getting or transmitting coronavirus during your move process. This is critical. But, pro tips on general moving safety — for both you and your belongings — are essential, too.

Top 6 Tips For A Safer Move For You And Your Things

1. Take your time.

Moving isn’t a speed challenge. Take the time that’s needed to properly wrap or pack, lift, and move items. Slow down when stairs, uneven or slippery ground or tight corners are involved.

2. Leverage the right tools and supplies.

Maybe Hercules wouldn’t need a dolly, but you do. Moving heavy, big, or otherwise unwieldy items safely often requires using trollies or carts. Padding delicate pieces, like china or picture frames, can prevent breakage. Wrapping things with sharp corners or protruding angles in professional moving blankets — and better yet: then in shrinkwrap — can safeguard them and your home’s surfaces. Packing your belongings into sturdy boxes or cartons is a necessity. If needed, securely lash down objects to or within your car or moving vehicle. Speaking of vehicles, make sure the one you’re using to move is rated to safely carry the amount of weight you’re loading into it.

3. Pack thoughtfully.

Try to pack lightly and distribute the weight. To the degree possible, avoid making boxes insanely heavy or overpacked. Ideally, it won’t feel like some boxes are filled with anvils while others are stuffed with feathers. It can also help to empty out the contents of furniture, safes, etc. And treat electronics with care, too.

4. Lift (and lower) wisely.

Maybe you’ve heard the saying “Bend with your legs, not with your back.” It’s solid advice for both pickup and putting down heavy or awkward items. Splitting the weight — buddy lifting! — can also be a prudent strategy. And before you hoist anything, make sure you have a firm, comfortable grip. If your grip starts to slip, set whatever you’re carrying down before readjusting your hold and continuing. Know your limits; if something’s just beyond your capabilities: get help.

5. Make way.

We know moving can be a messy endeavor. But it’s worth the effort to clear unobstructed paths where you’ll be moving boxes, furniture, etc. It’s an obvious way to minimize damaging your things, home, or self. No one likes stepping on the serrated packing tape roll or tripping over that pile of extra boxes — especially with hands full of your prized possessions!

6. Dress appropriately.

There’s no official moving “uniform” but sensible, durable clothing is a must. Wear clothing that can take a bit of a beating and that you don’t care if it gets stained or scuffed. (Better tears in your jeans than cuts on your legs.) Pants and long-sleeved tops may offer protection from scrapes, dirt, and sun. Opt for sturdy closed-toed shoes that offer support, stability, and sure-footing. You may find that gloves or a back brace are in order, too.


More Moving Safety Resources

Looking for more suggestions on how to pull off a move like a safety master? Read the articles below for sensible techniques to get you and your stuff from here to there as safely as possible.


Happy family unpacking during moving day

Cross-Country Moving Success

You’re now equipped to move safely, which is a big relief. At West Coast Moving, though, our hope is that your move is not just safe, but successful. Here are some of our favorite bits of advice.

Top 5 Tips For A Better Long-Distance Move

1. Plan ahead.

Long-distance moves involve a lot more logistics and arrangements. So, no surprise, they can take longer to schedule and pull all the pieces together than a local or regional move. Your best bet is to start working with movers as far in advance as possible.

2. Use professional long-distance movers.

It just isn’t practical (if possible) for the average individual to move a houseful of furniture, clothing, electronics, toys, and so on solo. Hiring a reputable moving company will spare you so many headaches and heartaches. It may even end up being cheaper than trying to DIY your move. Not to mention that by going pro you have a team of trained people working on your behalf, taking care of all the logistics and heavy lifting (literally and figuratively).

3. Declutter.

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need or want. The less you have to move, the better/easier/cheaper/quicker the whole move process will be. Plus, if you find items that are still useable, you can donate them to a charity, school, or other organization that could really benefit from your generous gift.

4. Separate your valuables.

Certain things — like fine jewelry and precious metals, some collectibles and important documents — shouldn’t be packed in crates like a pair of living room lamps. We recommend that you carry these items with you when you move.

    • If you’re driving cross-country, nestle these items into the middle of your car packing. You’ll want to keep them out of sight so your car with all your precious stuff isn’t a target for theft. Keep your valuables accessible, though, as you should bring them with you (e.g., into your hotel each night, when you dine in a restaurant, etc.) when you’re not with your vehicle.
    • On planes or other public transportation, carry as many of the valuables as you can in your carry-on bags (and stow them under the seat in front of you if possible). What you can’t take in your hand luggage, disperse among your suitcases. Use your clothing to hide and cushion items.


5. Get your car serviced.

If you’ll be driving to your new location, make sure your car is in tip-top condition. Have all the fluids replenished, get your tires checked, ensure the windshield wipers are in shape, and so on. Breaking down on the side of the road in the middle of your journey definitely won’t make your relocation easier.


More Long-Distance Moving Resources

Want to learn more about how to move cross-country with less stress? Check out some of our other blog posts — packed with tested-and-approved ways to make your long-distance move go more smoothly.


We’re Here To Help

Moving across the country…safely…during the COVID-19 pandemic…doesn’t need to be or feel like an insurmountable task. West Coast Moving is ready and able to make your local or long distance move during this challenging time as hassle-free as possible. With our experience and expertise, you and your move in good hands.

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