Over the years, our professional movers at West Coast Moving and Storage have had their full share of complicated and interesting piano and heavy furniture moves.

Each house is built differently and each piece of furniture placed within a house always brings about a different scenario. Furniture can be some of the hardest objects to move in a household as some pieces can be extremely heavy or the layout of the house can be difficult to maneuver.

So how do we move heavy objects upstairs, or even downstairs or onto our moving trucks?

There are several different ways that we handle difficult furniture moves that have all come over time and repetition of actual handling furniture and other awkward household items in the professional moving industry. Follow along to read our tips on how we move heavy furniture upstairs and some of the more interesting moves that we have completed!

Crane Moving for Heavy Objects

Let’s just start right out and throw cranes onto the table. Yes, it may seem extreme to use a crane to have a household item moved but it can be more common than you would think.

A crane is a great option for hoisting items over balconies or out windows if they are either too wide or large to get it out of the house the traditional way.

Your home’s floorplan, height, and even the lot on which the house was built can all play a different role in how easy or difficult it is to get furniture either in or out of the house.

For example, one of our more intense professional moves involved a piano on a second story house that was built up with an extremely steep driveway. This setup would have made it difficult to manage to get the piano down the stairs, let alone down the driveway without any damage to the instrument or the movers.

Therefore, a crane was commissioned for the job and the piano was moved out onto the second story balcony, secured to the crane and lifted down to safety on the ground and into the moving truck. For this situation with moving a heavy piano, hoisting the heavy object through a window with crane moving was the most efficient method.

Now not every situation like that is going to need a crane, but anytime there are heavy furniture pieces in more problematic houses to move in, a crane is always an option in getting it out of the top floor.

Moving heavy furniture upstairs using crane hoisting techniques

Hoisting Furniture Through a Window

What if you live in a high story building or apartment complex that is too complicated to move up several flights of stairs?

Crane moving is an option for hoisting couches, heavy equipment, appliances, and other large objects over a balcony or through a window.

Alternatively, you could use ladders to hoist into a window or pulling system once the item is properly wrapped and bound in order to do so. Different items that may not fit through a door could include bathtubs, refrigerators, any type of dresser or armoire, and whatever else you are needing to get inside the house.

We always recommend certified movers for moving your household, but if your move requires anything to be hoisted or moved with a crane, we most definitely recommend hiring professional specialty movers and not leaving anything to chance if you choose to do it yourself.

Hoisting either through a window or over a balcony can be extremely efficient but also very dangerous since it involves advanced knowledge of crane moving techniques and operating specialized furniture hoisting equipment that should be performed by a certified mover.

Hire Professional Specialty Movers

In the end, even if you think that your moving situation may seem too difficult, there is always a solution whether its crane hoisting over a balcony, or through a window.

At West Coast Moving & Storage, we are always looking to better ourselves and never step down from a challenge. That is how we keep our edge and keep up to date with different moving practices and skills. As professional movers, we have the opportunity to learn and develop in a variety of situations, preparing us for any heavy furniture moving scenario we might face.

If you are moving and have some trying, heavy furniture pieces that are too large or awkward to move by yourself, give us a call and we can talk through it!