In this day and age, our lives revolve around electronics. Whether its our cellphones, TVs, computers or whatever other gadgets you may have, we rely on them and they ultimately keep our world going round. That being said, while moving it is important to keep all over your electronics in one piece, and not let them get damaged or internally ruined in the process of your move. Read more for our tips on how to safely pack your electronics for your next move!

Picture Proof

Before you even start to pack up and move, you should take pictures of all your electronics and how they are set/hooked up. This is especially important for TV’s and DVD players that each seem to have 30 different colored cords each. Take detailed pictures of each one so you can have something to reference at your new home. That way once you move you can unpack your stuff and just pull up your pictures to have everything connected the proper way and have it working as soon as you want it.


When you have big electronics like TVs and computer monitors, it is hard to have them safely packed. We recommend putting them in their original boxes and wrapping them up in bubble wrap for padded protection. We also suggest transporting them yourselves. One tip is to wrap them in blankets and secure them in the back of your car. The movers can help you unload them once you are at the new house, but this will help ensure that your bigger electronics will be safe and unharmed during the move. Discover the 14 essential packing and moving supplies for your next move.

Sandwich Bags

For all of the little screws or extra cords that may come out of your appliances, have an extra box of sandwich bags on hand to keep them safe and in one place. You don’t want to lose any of these pieces because it might be crucial in having your electronics work upon getting to your new house. Just label each bag with their corresponding pieces (for example, label TV for the TV screws) to avoid further misplacement and confusion.

Seal Your Boxes

In order to prevent any type of damage, make sure that your electronics are properly wrapped and that your boxes are sealed tight. You don’t want anything to be spilled or anything to get in there that could prevent any damage to your stuff. This could be food, water, animals, bugs, or whatever else that could pose a threat and wreak havoc.


Depending on the time of year that you are moving, it could either be sweltering heat, ice cold, or seem like the monsoons have arrived (especially living in Oregon). Your electronics are so sensitive and if it is either too hot or too cold, they can be easily damaged or warped due to the temperature. If you’re moving in the summer, try to transport your electronics in your own car so you can control the temperature and keep them safe.

All of your stuff is equally valuable and important, but for some people their electronics are everything. Take the extra time and precaution to ensure that they are packed safely and taken care of. Your movers will also have some good moving tips on safety and how to prevent any type of damage from occurring.

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