One of the most time-consuming rooms to pack in your house is your kitchen!

Handling the fragile items alone can be the hardest part of the packing process. Not to mention, packing the kitchen means you are stranded from using your kitchen both in your current home before you move and in your new house while you are unpacking.

Although there is never a perfect way to pack any house, there are some tips that can help make the process easier!

Read along for some hacks on how to pack your kitchen.


Prioritize Your Kitchen Items

First things first, start packing your kitchen from least used items and finish with things you use every day.

For example, any fine china or dinner pieces could probably be one of the first ones to go (and the most treacherous). Everybody seems to have multiple small appliances that they do not use daily, such as panini presses, ice cream machines, or mini grills.

Just know that you won’t be making any strawberry ice cream in the weeks leading up to your move.

From here, move towards packing pots and pans for moving, serving platters, or anything else that you don’t absolutely need.

You know that really all you need is silverware, cups, and plates to help get you through that last stretch. Depending on how eco-friendly you are, people can resort to using disposable silverware and plates so they don’t have to worry about packing at the last minute!


Safely Packing Glasses and Plates

Since we did say to start with the finer things in the kitchen like China, what are the best techniques for packing these delicate items?

Depending on the value and how attached you are to the pieces, you might just want to transport these valuables yourself. It will be worth it to take the time to wrap each individual plate, cup, platter, bowl or whatever else is valuable and part of your collection.

By moving valuables such as these on your own, you are going to be more cautious and courteous then say if they were in the back of a moving truck! Again, this all depends on the sentimental and monetary value of the collections.

Kitchen items to pack for your move


Best Way to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving

Besides Grandma’s China or anything else of value, what about awkward pieces such as wine glasses? To some people, these might be their most important items!

A quick trick for packing wine glasses is to:

  1. Make sure you stuff the interior cup of the glass with paper
  2. Wrap the stem with a separate piece of packing paper
  3. Wrap the exterior of the cup of the glass

Then, find a box that has enough room for the glassware to fit inside, but not enough room so that they can move around upon transportation.

It is also very important to not pack any other glassware or kitchen items in with the wine glasses, as they are so lightweight and delicate, anything else might break them during the moving process!


Use Our Kitchen Packing Hacks

As a quick recap, remember to start with things you use on only special occasions or maybe even once a year. From there, you can move through the kitchen packing things in order of priority.

Dealing with packing valuable items can be frustrating and tedious but so important if they hold any sentimental value to you. Certain items will always need more thought and consideration whereas others can be thrown in a box and properly labeled.

Take the time and care to pack fragile and valuable items so you are not distraught upon any damage once the move is complete. Exuding more effort in the beginning will help you avoid this in the long run.

Hopefully, these quick tips gave you some good kitchen packing hacks for your next move!

Appliances in modern kitchen


We Can Pack & Move Your Kitchen

As much of a hassle as it seems to pack your kitchen, this is one of the most important rooms in the house!

Our expert kitchen movers at West Coast Moving & Storage can help you pack kitchen items in the most efficient and safe way. We handle many specialty items, so you can trust your valuables will be protected. We can also move larger appliances if needed!

For kitchen packing and moving services you can count on, as well as whole-house or specialty services, reach out to our moving consultants for a quote today!