If you have ever had to deal with an office move, you know the amount of planning, work, and stress that is involved. Besides the fact of making the initial decision to move your office, you then have to start the tedious task of getting everything and everybody prepared for the move.

The most important thing is to keep business up and running until the very last minute of the office move without having the it impact operations in a negative way.

Here are some 3 tips on managing your company during an office move.

Map out a Moving Timeline

Start by writing out a detailed plan on priority tasks that you need to complete before the move. Everything will have to get packed up and ready to go on moving day, so it is crucial that the timeline doesn’t affect the overall day to day business tasks.

A timeline can also help people know what is to be expected on a day-to-day basis as well as the changes that will be happening in the office. Better to keep them in the loop than to have disgruntled employees!

Technology and computer systems are also extremely likely to utilized until the very last minute, so build a plan of action to disassembling, packing, moving, unpacking, and reassembling such equipment in an efficient amount of time.

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Happy Work Team Preparing for Office Move

Opportunity for Updates

An office move is a perfect opportunity to consider updating internal processes, technologies, and furniture.

Communicate with employees and discuss with them what works, what doesn’t work, and what can be improved. For example, maybe it’s time to update the printer and copier machine from the dinosaur age and to have a new one installed.

Little updates like this can improve overall morale and workforce positivity. Especially when people’s needs or concerns are acted upon, they feel important knowing that others are listening and respecting their suggestions.

Critical Technology Systems

During an office move, it is really important that all of your company’s crucial technology systems and set up back up properly.

As soon as you are in your new office, you want work to resume as if nothing happened. You shouldn’t have to worry about system crashes, internet issues, or anything of the sort. The worse thing is when an office move can affect the productivity of employee’s work. Especially when things need to get done!


An office move may seem like a huge hassle, but it is usually for the better of the company especially with expansion involved. Keep your employees up to date on what is going on so they feel like they are involved. Creating a plan is the perfect way to keep everything organized and together. Planning ahead and having all of the tedious details will help everything go smoothly.

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