Have you ever played the piano when all of a sudden one of the keys you pressed didn’t make any sounds? And still no sound made no matter how many times you pressed down?

You might have the problem of a sticky piano key! Another surefire giveaway is if you press down a key and it stays in that position. No worries, this is an easy fix.

Sticky Piano Key Culprits

Maybe there is something as small as food or dust fell in between the keys? This can be quickly resolved by cleaning each individual key with a solution of water and vinegar. In the future, make sure to wash your hands before and after you play the piano and avoid eating food over the piano.

Changes in humidity build up and trap moisture within a piano, creating cracks and warps. You can invest in humidifiers, digital hygrometers, and air conditioning to fight back against humidity. Another low-cost alternative is climate controlled storage that is set at 65° Fahrenheit, plus or minus 5 degrees. Learn more about our storage services.

Anther reason as to why keys stick is moisture within the keys. This problem can be more difficult to fix on your own versus cleaning between keys. In this case, you should consider calling a professional piano technician to clean the keys and give a tune up.

How to Fix Sticky Piano Keys

Seek Professional Piano Care

Sometimes all it takes is a DIY (do-it-yourself) fix to make a piano play normal again while in other cases, you might require professional help. Whichever option you choose, create a habit to routinely check up your piano so that it is in still in proper playing condition.

If you have any questions about fixing sticky keys or if you need recommendations for tuners, contact West Coast Piano Moving & Storage today.