The idea of “do-it-yourself” or DIY has become a huge trend over the past couple of years.

Whether it’s a wedding, home décor or yard work, there is always some creative sharing ideas for a cheaper and more unique look.

On the other hand, DIY piano moving is not pretty and there is certainly a list of must-have’s and must do’s in order to have a successful piano move.

Moving a piano requires skill and technique to avoid damaging the instrument and anyone nearby.

Take it from the moving professionals – you’re going to need these essential piano moving supplies for a successful DIY move:

  • Moving Pads
  • Forearm Forklift/Moving Straps
  • Moving Dolly
  • Moving Truck

Moving Pads

One of the most important supplies that you will need for your move is either moving pads or really thick blankets.

The outward appearance of the piano is just as important as the inner workings. You certainly don’t want any dents, scratches, or nicks compromising the condition of your piano. Pads will especially help keep your piano safe during transportation if you are putting it in the back of a truck or are renting a moving truck.

Forearm Forklift/Moving Straps

If you want the piano to be moved safely in one piece, it is imperative that you properly use straps in order to keep the piano compacted.

Using moving straps will make the maneuvering of the piano easier and will ensure that no parts fly off when the piano is being handled and transported. Using the straps over the moving pads will also help keep the pads tight and secure.

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Moving Dolly

No matter how many people you have helping you and how strong you may think you all are, the best way to handle a piano move is to have a moving dolly with wheels on it.

Once the piano is wrapped, strapped, and secured, it can be lifted onto the dolly and rolled carefully either to the truck that is going to transport it or into the house upon arrival. This will prevent any backs from being injured, feet smashed, or walls being dented as it gives you more control and more options to move the instrument.

Moving Truck for DIY Piano Move

Moving Truck

This may seem like common sense when it comes to transporting the piano, but it is surprisingly overlooked. Not just everyone has a big moving truck or a pickup truck on hand for a move like this. However, you will either need to borrow or rent one.

Measure the dimensions of the piano and double-check to see if they will fit into the moving truck. The last thing you want is to move the piano outside of the house and discover that you cannot safely and securely fit the piano into the vehicle.

DIY Piano Moving: Only If You’ve Covered the Essentials

If you’re on a budget or feeling adventurous, we highly recommend that you have purchased the 4 piano moving essentials and have thoroughly planned your trip.

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