Are you feeling like it’s time to move and make a huge life change? Are you now an empty nester and feel like there is too much house and not enough people? Downsizing is very common and happens all year round. People feel like they don’t need as big of a house anymore and they want a change of scenery. Here are 5 tips for packing and moving when downsizing your home.


Go through every single room in your house and get rid of stuff that you absolutely don’t need. This is the perfect time and excuse to get rid of stuff that you have held on to for too long and haven’t really had a reason to get rid of it yet. Now is your chance! You can even have a garage sale to try to make a little extra cash on the side which is always a bonus of moving. Downsizing really puts it into perspective the amount of stuff that you think you need versus what you actually need.


Do you have college students or post graduates that will need furniture for their apartments or houses? This is the perfect time to pass on your extra furniture from your additional rooms that you won’t have space for in your new house. This way you won’t have to get rid of the furniture altogether and it will actually go to good use by saving your kids money from having to buy their own.

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After you have had your garage sale and given your kids or family members what they want, try not to throw anything away. Too often people will just toss items that they no longer want before considering to donate to Goodwill or other nearby thrift store. You can also donate at charitable organizations that offer pickup and drop-offs for most household items, including clothing, furniture, electronics, toys, and more. Remember that there is always somebody out there who might find a new purpose for something that you don’t need anymore.


As you start going through your stuff and figuring out what you need, get a head start on packing by storing them into bins and boxes. Use a color coded labeling process so that you know which stuff needs to stay together and which stuff goes in what room. This will help make the packing process less stressful and more organized when needing to unpack later.


There is always room to simplify your life and declutter your belongings. Downsizing is the perfect chance to take a step back and think, “What do I really need?” and “How can I simplify my life as much as possible?” This can range from your wardrobe to your kitchen items or even your holiday decorations. Remember that less is more!

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Downsizing is the perfect approach to cleaning out unwanted items for a home makeover and cutting out stress from your daily life. If you are seeking local or long-distance moving services, our professional team of movers at West Coast Moving & Storage are right for the job! Contact us today for a moving estimate or other general inquiries.