Even though you may think that not hiring professional piano movers might save you money, it could actually end up costing you more money in the end. Accidents happen and while moving something as big and awkward as a piano it is easy for either you to get hurt or the piano to get hurt. Take into consideration these reasons of why you should hire piano movers:

First and foremost, safety is the most important reason as to why you should hire movers. Moving a piano is not a natural thing, and having professionals who do this every single day, come in and take care of it for you is an obvious answer! There are so many safety precautions when it comes to lifting, turning, going down stairs and then loading it into the truck to transport it in. Not to mention if you are having friends or family help you move the piano, you don’t want to be liable in case anybody were to get injured from the piano move. If you are moving more than just your piano, do some research on affordable moving services that can take care of both your household move and your specialty piano move.

Let’s talk about damage now. No offense to anyone out there who has ever attempted a move on their own, but you are not a professional. There is a reason there are moving companies, and ones that specialize in moves such as pianos. Whether your piano is an heirloom from a relative or you purchased one so your kids could learn how to play, a piano has a lot of value to it. Without experience or professional help, your piano could be dropped, scratched, and/or dented. Therefore the cost of fixing or replacing your piano would be more than the initial cost of hiring a moving company.

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Now what about tools? All moving services bring with them supplies of all different types in order to get your move done. Not everybody has a dolly laying around their house that they can use to help move the piano. What about moving pads, straps, back supports, gloves? These items are necessary for a safe and successful piano move and will help ensure that your piano stays intact. Going alongside with tools, is a moving truck. No matter if you have a small upright or a grand piano, they cannot fit in cars or even some flatbed trucks. Moving trucks are equipped to handle the move including securing the piano inside the truck, and using the lift gate to get the piano up and down. Having the proper tools and the right truck or transportation simply make the move easier and quicker.

Quality of your piano and the way that it sounds is one of the most important aspects to having a piano! If you were to drop or damage your piano in any way, the way the piano sounds from then on might not be what it was before. You will have to get it retuned or refinished in order to get it restored and back in melodic working condition. Movers take the time to wrap your piano, secure it, and handle it with care in order to ensure that it was like as if it was never moved.

These different reasons are just a couple of examples as to why you should hire professional piano movers and not leave the move up to you. This way both you and your piano will be safe and sound in its new location!