Portland, like many cities, is a town full of great moving companies. When you decide to move to a new home, you will want to choose the very best moving company possible. Amidst the stress of finding a new home, purchasing it, and taking care of your present home, it may seem tempting to select a mover to the last minute- don’t do it. Avoid problems the right way by hiring the right movers ahead of time, and look at these five factors when choosing your movers in Portland, Oregon:

  1. Reputation- a company’s public persona is everything. Check on how your movers are perceived by checking online review sites such as Yelp and Angie’s List. If they’ve received a negative review, follow up and see how they responded, if at all.
  1. Professionalism- it matters how well a moving company is able to respond to your requests and whether or not they are able to give an estimate of services. You also want to make sure they are flexible and able to handle a change of schedule. After all, all sorts of things can go awry when you sell your old house, so you want to make sure your mover is there if the moving date changes. For a free estimate, submit a contact form today.
  1. Equipment- are your movers equipped to handle all of your particular needs? Can they handle your piano as well as your antique dresser? Discuss these matters with all potential movers to ensure that they have the needed moving blankets, straps, and know-how to deal with your unique possessions.
  1. Experienced- check to see how long your movers have been in business. If their business is relatively new, ask to see how long the owners and managers have been in the industry. Experience matters so much in Portland, especially given the many old houses and unique personalities that inhabit them. While one house might have a fairly modern arrangement of dressers, tables, and bedroom pieces, another may have purely antique furniture that requires special attention.
  1. Local- are your movers a local business or are they students who are looking for a fun way to make extra money? Consider that Portland is built on the back of small businesses that are part of the thriving community here. West Coast Moving and Storage is one such small business, and we are here, working for you to move your belongings. Whether you’re moving from Raleigh Hills to Alameda or all the way down to Los Angeles or up to Seattle, West Coast Moving can move your home possessions, furniture, and even pianos or other large instruments! Call (503) 477-5057 today!