Pianos are specialty items that need to be taken care of to keep up their quality and their beautiful sound. Whether you have a heirloom piano passed down from your great-grandmother or a new piano for your living room, it is important to take care of them. There are so many different situations where you will need to store your piano: moving or downsizing, remodeling, or maybe a change in decor. Keeping your piano safe should be your storage facilities number one priority. Wondering why you should put your piano in a specialized storage facility? Here are some questions to ask:

Is it climate controlled?
Humidity, heat, cold weather, and rain can all pretty much endanger your piano’s condition. They are very temperamental specialty items and it is crucial that they are kept in climate-controlled facilities to ensure that they are in mint condition. If not, the pianos strings, keys, and wood can all be destroyed with the slightest change of temperature.

Does your facility offer moving services?
One of the best ways to ensure your piano’s safety and condition is to have professional movers move your piano both in and out of the facility. Inquire if your storage unit facility has trusted movers available to help you move your piano. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is they think they can move their piano on their own and this is not the case. It poses a risk for both your safety and the safety of your piano.

What steps do they take to keep its quality?
Ask questions like, how do you store the piano? Could you send me pictures of pianos in your storage facility? Make sure that they wrap your piano with special moving pads and have them stored safely and securely. Talk with them about your concerns and if your piano has anything special that they need to look out for or be aware of. Also, read what things to leave out from storage.

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How easy is it to get your piano in and out?
If you decide on having movers move your piano in and out of the facility, ask how easy that is. However unlikely it is that you will need your piano moved ASAP, it is nice to know when you will be able to move it in or move it out. You never know when you might have a leak in your house or get a new job but don’t want to take your piano along with you but don’t want to get rid of it either. So many factors can be involved and it’s important to know what to expect!

Are they insured?
If you are using a dual piano moving and storage facility one of the most important questions that you can ask is if they are insured. This will help both you and them in making sure that you piano is in good hands in case anything were to happen on either end. No matter what industry or company you are working with, it is always a good reminder to make sure that they have the proper insurance coverage.

These questions are good reminders for when deciding on where and what type of storage facility to keep your piano in. There might be more questions you are wanting to ask, but this is a good start to get the ball rolling. The overall safety and quality of your piano is what’s important!

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